2009/2010 Student Exchange: Inform After The Summer Holidays!

Book ‘A year in the United States’ Advisor gives guidance who 2009/2010 in the United States or elsewhere wants to spend the school year, should inform himself after the summer holidays. Around 50 operators are available and many have already in the fall deadline. Many events offer the opportunity to gain first-hand information. The website schueleraustausch.de provides notes on lectures and exhibitions in all over Germany. In addition parents and students can share experiences in the Forum under schueleraustausch.de/forum and receive valuable tips.

The amount of time to spend a year in the United States, is short. It offers to pupils aged between 15 and 18 years. You attend school and live with a host family, which is not paying for accommodation and meals. About 50 organizations provide such a school year in the United States, which on average about 7,500 euros in Germany. This included the preparation, travel costs, school fees, accommodation, and meals for a family. The actual services are very different. “An orientation guide offers a school year in the United States the book: Exchange organizations to the test”.

All German providers are closely examined and presented directly comparable. Eight tips to help further the decision. Everything for a successful application and optimal preparation, what you can expect for your money, insider knowledge to school, family and friends, check lists with prices, tested individual and short portraits of the organisations can book a school year in the United States”(Christian Gundlach, Sylvia Schill ISBN 3930902044 EUR 14.90) to be read. About the research publishing: Since 1995 we offer students, parents, teachers and all interested parties by our guide a school year in the United States ‘ (Christian Gundlach, Sylvia Schill) a transparent and neutral market overview of the German Exchange organizations. We help in the decision-making process, thereby also contribute to improving the quality of student exchanges. In the discussion forum established by us, as well as a Chat room on our website can replace students, parents, and all interested experiences and contacts. As more Internet services we offer worldwide testimonials, tips, dates and links, as well as a monthly newsletter with current information about the student exchange. In addition, we hold lectures for example to youth fairs or school events. Contact: Research-Verlag Sylvia Schill Charlottenburg road 95 D-10969 Berlin phone: + 49 (170) 234 51 68 fax: + 49 (30) 69 81 89 58 email: