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February Phase

Several stylists made a selection among all of them. 2Nd phase: face-to-face Castings + election more than 400 candidates to select only 20 boys and 20 girls made in different cities was carried out a process of face-to-face auditions in several cities. However those in Barcelona and Madrid, due to the large number of participants concentrated, highlighted above the rest. While the Catalan city was held on November 19, 2009 in the study of the hairdresser of the firm and the attended 94 candidates; Madrid, took place on December 2, 2009. A total of 325 people attended salon Gran Via 8 collapsing some of the main streets in the capital.

In each one of the castings, a jury made up of stylists, franchisees of the company and own Marco Aldany, chose the most suitable. 20 girls and 20 boys went on to the next phase of the competition: finals online. 3Rd phase: vote online success in social networks a total of 670.750 Marco Aldany votes has proven its strength in the virtual world and the convening power that generates among the public. Success since the beginning of this phase on December 9, 2009 until it has concluded on February 5 (for boys) and 7 may (for the girls), has been absolute. A total of 670.750 votes, 104.677 boys and 566.073 girls were recorded during this time.

Unlike the other stages of the competition, this has been a popular vote online where anyone who enters the website of Marco Aldany could choose the boy and the girl who most liked as image of the Ensign, to advance to the grand final. In that period, MARCO ALDANY has carried out campaigns in different social networks since there is big part of your audience to publicize the contest. THE result has not been other than the absolute correctness. Not only increased traffic of your website, but through your profile and Facebook fan page has conducted polls, which have been matched up to the last moment. This phase contestants they have also leveraged the platform created by Marco Aldany to to publicize and create their own fan pages with links to our website so give him more support. 4Th phase: the grand final only a few poc@s choose @ 3,000 euros for the 6,000 euros for her luck had already been cast.

Childs Room Individuality

The Layout and the comfort of one’s home is a problem that concerns every home owner. Located in a high-rise building a separate apartment or country cottage: any housing owner wants to transform the personal views, respectively, to create its most convenient for you. In this case, call a designer for many of our contemporaries with you until it becomes an unattainable luxury. But fascination with what is even open, because in the specific journals and the Internet is possible without difficulty to find adequate forms: bedroom interior, interior room or kitchen. The concept provided qualified designers, in any case will take place some way from conception to implementation, and transformed in a way to make your own home, with the extraordinary and extremely beautiful. Able to create your home from a large number of different concepts derived from different resources – not to the extent so prohibitive idea.

In fact, if there is a desire to draw your own house unconventional – always will be found and opportunities. Including lack of special education can not be an obstacle. Because studying photos of interiors, in any case, you can find a suitable idea for the implementation of which does not require too much finance and free time. And while the concept remains quite precarious, so that your home is perceived by a unique and beautiful. In particular, significantly draw imaginative interiors for children’s rooms. Since it is known that artistic taste and sense of style are formed directly as a child. For this reason the interior of a child’s room as a fundamentally essential for the formation of a sense of comfort the child, as much for his future, at the same time – and for real-life position.

For the tiny interior is much more significant role in encouraging research and intellectual activity. A small child, early childhood which is held in personal dreams. And so that dream was realized, need just a little – only wish. A ready-made ideas and methods for their implementation is always a real find in special periodicals.

Roberto Straccia

It is a talent. Talent for self-expression. But why do not we write? And if you write, you have to think about every word. The text does not pour itself. Read it is not so easy. Before you criticize – try it myself. Maybe it would be a shame because, that he had not a single detail. Everything is fine, but not all Anyway can you be a genius that needs work? I think not.

This is already an invention. The fruit of labor. Artificial thing. Work of genius is the fact that came to light through illumination, easily, without coercion, and very natural. I see such a collection Orizzonte.

It is unusual, easily and naturally. But it is unusual as the only door. But in principle it is a reflection of nature. She was named Horizon But only if it can be seen in the horizon? I have only one model standing in our showroom, find, and haze, and the waves and the sand and even eyes. His path is created by nature, the rings of a tree. One of our consultants recently said that for the first time for everything months that the door is in our showroom, he found it so. He goes on to explain this "so". But that's not what he said. The fact that it has forced me to draw on the door my attention. And you know, I realized that every time stops and starts looking at her, you see something new. It is different, alive. Perhaps the creator of the collection, Roberto Strachchia, sat on the beach and watched the sunset, which each time before us a new one. and I saw it cut a tree Smooth Smooth lines All the versatility of bending the rings and now we're looking at the door in and see her in the horizon

Affiliate Programs And How To Make Money With Them

We’ve all dreamed of one day of winning large amounts of money, have a bigger house or a dream car. That’s what I know because I dreamed about it once, and now after a long time and I can say I played a good part of my dreams. My victory certainly attribute that to which I’m always informed of business opportunities, my perseverance, and Google Adsense. How can you make money with Google Adsense? Very simple, first of all need a website, nothing special, just a website that receives few visitors, there need to request an account at Google Adsense, for which only need to register with Google and make the request. Everything sounds great, but how come I earn Through Adsense money? With AdSense you earn money every time one of your visitors click in one of the ads you need to put on your page once your Adsense account is approved. Perfect, now we are clear about what we need to make money adsense and Through and make money through him we can begin to optimize our ads to extract maximum advantage. The basic principle to make the most out of your ads is to synthesize them with the site. By this I mean the following: Adjust the colors of the ads so that they join the site: This means that the bottom of the ads should be the same color as the background where they will be positioned, and the hyperlinks should be a color similar to the hyperlinks on the site, but should not be the same color. For assistance, try visiting Risa Miller .

The theme of your website should be a lucrative theme: Must be because it is depending on the amount an advertiser is willing to pay Google to put an announcement that Google will give the money to you. How to understand advertisers will pay more money when they are in a highly lucrative business, and for this kind of advertisers you need a web within this field. Ads must be placed in the most visible of the web: This is fairly easy to understand. Ads must be placed in the most visible on the web, and although the site varies from web site usually the most visible is the top of the web. For more clarity and thought, follow up with novelist and gain more knowledge.. They should try to find the most visible of your web and based on that position their ads. Finally I would remind you not to abuse the amount of ads on their websites in my experience has shown that in most cases is contraindicate, although there are exceptions. Follow these tips and I assure you it is good.


And the time it spends specialist – can pay off much more as financial rewards for the same time as a professional is not performing a clean apartment, and charging a cleaning professionals and engaged with their favorite things. Pros are obvious. Costs, which requires cleaning of the apartment-house is more than cover the costs that need cleaning Apartments spetsilistami cleaning company. Cleaning of the apartment – the correct allocation of time in fact is the following. Since time is money and in fact equivalent to the same degree and vice versa, can be safely talk about whether that means directing the financial costs to the extent to which requires the cleaning of the apartment, we get: a) a lot of free time b) to be together with loved ones in) and the health benefits of course with both the facts of the issues – cleanliness, warmth and comfort after done cleaning the apartment, and the relative, expressed in the component that we need at the moment: the time when the apartment was clean and we could) relax and gain new strength b) engage in work, thus recoup the costs and actually reassigning its activities in a natural and interesting in their own businesses) to engage in health – go to the solarium, fitness club, do yoga, dance or gymnastics, a walk, take children to solve their pressing business, and much more that has long planned to do. And at this time will be carried out cleaning of the apartment.

Agree, nice. Itself currently cleaning the apartment – a fascinating process, we can deal with their belongings, the subject of frequent use, furniture and other components of our daily and overlooked joy. Cleaning of the apartment gives a feeling of flight, love for his home. Order. But is fraught with many dangers. Who knew that during the harvesting kvartry be sure to follow safety rules – wear safety goggles, gloves and preventing penetration of vapors of chlorine or tiny particles, which appear in the air during use scouring powder.

But it's great! Cleaning professionals perform specialized cleaning of equipment and the use of special cleaners and detergents, designed in collaboration with the manufacturers cleaning equipment specifically to cleaning the apartment, which runs thus become ecologically clean and efficient. Thus, complementing each other – cleaning techniques and cleaning and washing of non-lethal weapons with the power of knowledge and experience of our professional cleaning company can do so that cleaning of the apartment was for you a pleasant, useful weekly procedure that brings the house comfort, joy and comfort with the warmth of the hearth. Let us imagine a situation when you have done cleaning the apartment itself. This extraordinary a sense of order and joy of communicating with home. Lay out all the things in their places, you know where the most loved and how to pack the most necessary, most often used at home.

Society Direction

Incluindonessa fights to the society organized through groups, education, between outrossetores of the community. In this context the term support associated with the term ' ' sustainable +desenvolvimento' ' , it suffered many critical ones, for its reducionista use. The pessoasno was prepared to deal with these questions. Critical to conceitode the sustainable development and the proper idea of support come dofato that the ecologists dealt with social matters and questesambientais separately, appeared for a movement conservative in rich the elitist attempt dospases in the direction to reserve great natural areas for its leisure econtemplao. Contact information is here: John Mclaughlin. The concern with the Amaznia, for example, was not umapreocupao with the planetary support, but with the continuity of ' ' bel-prazer' ' what he was contradictory with the necessity of the population. Today, ahead of these critical, so that the ecological fight gets dependemuito success of the capacity of the ecologists to stimulate the population, lower estrados principalmentenos, convincing them to that one is not only about atitudesreducionistas. But, it is treated to give a simultaneous solution to the problemasambientais and social the existing problems more affect the being entangled danatureza that is the human being, this wrong vision that the ecology treats only domeio environment to live itself in a better planet in a distant future must serdesmistificada. This was created double sensible when appraising binmioe received many critical ones, for some association of these two termostornou it expression of the logical nonsense; therefore the union of both is, incompatible. When it is said in support, conspires against one modelode development ' ' ecologically predatory; politically perverse esocialmente injusto' ' , showing that the speech of the support, presented to the public debate, of ingenuous did not have nothing, to priorizavagerenciar the economic reproduction of the capitalism. To communicate osenso of urgency that would have to inhale the changes in the direction desired dasustentabilidade is task of all.