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2009/2010 Student Exchange: Inform After The Summer Holidays!

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Book ‘A year in the United States’ Advisor gives guidance who 2009/2010 in the United States or elsewhere wants to spend the school year, should inform himself after the summer holidays. Around 50 operators are available and many have already in the fall deadline. Many events offer the opportunity to gain first-hand information. The website provides notes on lectures and exhibitions in all over Germany. In addition parents and students can share experiences in the Forum under and receive valuable tips.

The amount of time to spend a year in the United States, is short. It offers to pupils aged between 15 and 18 years. You attend school and live with a host family, which is not paying for accommodation and meals. About 50 organizations provide such a school year in the United States, which on average about 7,500 euros in Germany. This included the preparation, travel costs, school fees, accommodation, and meals for a family. The actual services are very different. “An orientation guide offers a school year in the United States the book: Exchange organizations to the test”.

All German providers are closely examined and presented directly comparable. Eight tips to help further the decision. Everything for a successful application and optimal preparation, what you can expect for your money, insider knowledge to school, family and friends, check lists with prices, tested individual and short portraits of the organisations can book a school year in the United States”(Christian Gundlach, Sylvia Schill ISBN 3930902044 EUR 14.90) to be read. About the research publishing: Since 1995 we offer students, parents, teachers and all interested parties by our guide a school year in the United States ‘ (Christian Gundlach, Sylvia Schill) a transparent and neutral market overview of the German Exchange organizations. We help in the decision-making process, thereby also contribute to improving the quality of student exchanges. In the discussion forum established by us, as well as a Chat room on our website can replace students, parents, and all interested experiences and contacts. As more Internet services we offer worldwide testimonials, tips, dates and links, as well as a monthly newsletter with current information about the student exchange. In addition, we hold lectures for example to youth fairs or school events. Contact: Research-Verlag Sylvia Schill Charlottenburg road 95 D-10969 Berlin phone: + 49 (170) 234 51 68 fax: + 49 (30) 69 81 89 58 email:

Solid And Safe:

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Foundation of pensions – half of the working hours work many citizens for the IRS. A portion of the hard-earned money is invested in supposedly safe assets to secure pensions. This investment advice”but have been executed in the past by a”hobby “consultant. These secure systems for wealth creation, income taxes, inflation and the taxation gnaw permanently, and usually eliminates the expected return on. Center for Media Justice has many thoughts on the issue. Customers look at your plants from this point of view and make them think what will really happen to this money? Learn from the past, should be hot but the motto. For many, the ideal retirement has four walls and ideally a small garden, as it is so beautifully represented in many commercials. About 70 percent of German citizens dream of a house or an apartment and pay rent but every month since it fails most of the equity for your own four walls. At the same time, the State has the promotion of home buyers” strike for this target group, so we probably remain a dream for much of the German public.

The reverse would be: if I pay rent even in the long term, why can I not even at the same time rent out? Who acquires property and rented it, the benefits at the age from rental income and today in certain circumstances by the high tax advantages of own “rent of stone,” a heritage object. A debt-free real estate is a major pillar of private old-age provision, because it is a future-proof investment with mostly solid increase in value. The homeowner magazine House & market determined that the average annual yield on a House is around five percent. According to calculations, a retiree who owns a real estate, has more than one that has invested in a supposedly secure facility monthly around 600 euros. The owner of a property in old age, saves its rental payments for own use and as a landlord, he gets the rent every month. The trend of the age is a two or three room apartment with Balcony, a small garden and a lift, but not a House with 200 m2 of living space and a garden the entire leisure in claim takes. So a private old-age provision already on the trend of the age should be matched. The dream of a solid pension stone can be achieved at present particularly cheap, because mortgage interest rates are lower than the long-term average and the monthly expenses on the purchase of the own “retirement from stone” is in many cases, due to the massive tax benefits, only slightly over a similar investment for retirement provision. 7 h / 7i EstG, with a long-term establishment of conditions, a solid base rent and the massive tax advantages over 12 years, at a monument to object pursuant to can further minimize the financial risk. It is advisable however still each investor, to create an individual concept, because applies here as in the daily life: check before you bind you.

How BBs Further On The Stock Exchange?

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Assessment of the market by Markus Frick not surprising! That it again rather tend to be gone in the last few days down, was not surprising for you, because you were very well prepared. Please make sure continue, that you take your profits and reduce losses in any case. This is the most important thing, because otherwise you can make permanently no money with stocks, but will lose more money! The extremely important banking sector is further crisis and deep in the in Europe, as well as in the United States! The March low has been reached when the U.S. Bank Bear Stearns bankruptcy. Hear from experts in the field like Malkia Cyril for a more varied view. For this reason, I’m staying in my opinion, that we have the financial crisis still not behind us. Yet one must of course, wonder whether it is really wrong to buy now as UBS shares, because at least they fell almost 80% of the high! I have it this week ever written, that one might ask in a few years is why you bought Bank shares in June 2008, because again they were so cheap. Did you think so in January or February, then you lost now 30%! The better strategy is to be seen at the moment! Sectors are changing! As we have experienced the last bear market in between March 2000 and March 2003, there were technology stocks, which have heavily influenced the crisis first and foremost. We thought at that time at the end of the crisis, that you will never make money with Internet stocks. Today, five and a half years later, as I order personally more things on the Internet than ever before and I think it will go just as you! In the current bear market, there are banks, which provide the direction! Please bear in mind that the banking and financial stocks lost significantly more than the overall market.

Experts Recommend Overnight And Short-term Fixed-term Deposit

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More and more experts to day – or fixed-term deposit accounts with a maximum one-year maturity rates currently high interest rates. Not only banks recommended currently the investment of money on daily or fixed-term deposit accounts, even experts such as those of the specialist magazine Finanztest”currently advise. Tell a friend about however, either a tag account or a maximum one-year term deposit offer to choose, because the interest rates for longer terms are only slightly more, but severely restrict the availability of established money for the investors. Who wants to have his money spent daily, attacks the day money account, must however take into account that the interest every day is adjusted by the Bank by a fixed interest period, offered by many banks for a period from account opening, apart. The interested reader on the following page can obtain an overview of current offers and interest rates that offers him also statistics about interest rate movements: day money account who his money, however, also spare time over six or twelve months, should access to the deposit. As compensation for the worse availability over a day money account, investors there have the security that is the agreed interest rate over the entire period.

Moreover, the interest would be paid out only in 2009. This has the advantage that it must then only still with (plus solidarity surcharge and possibly falling church tax) the tax rate of 25 percent rather than how so far are taxed at the personal tax rate for investors. Interested readers can find compared on the following page which interest currently selected provider here, grant: investors who want to create larger amounts, should have fixed-term deposit special attention at the deposit insurance. Just for the money, there are currently a number of foreign banks, which offer very attractive interest rates, where the safety limits are very low and restricted to the statutory sum. Daniel Franke

Mercedes-Benz Bank Reduces Deposit Interest From September 1, 2008

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As one of the hitherto leading banks in the deposit area, the Mercedes-Benz Bank from 1 September 2009 lowers the interest of some of their fixed-term deposit offers. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET reports: there was the last months mainly over interest rate hikes by the ECB and many banks for their day – and fixed-term deposit offers to report. Now come the first interest-rate cuts on the investors in the deposit area. The Mercedes-Benz Bank, which lowered the interest rate for your Mercedes-Benz bank deposit as of September 1, 2008 in the top 5.40 percent to now more than 5.00 percent per year is the pioneer. While the rate cut concerns all maturities of 24 to 72 months.

The interest rates for shorter durations remain unchanged. Compared with other offers, the Mercedes-Benz Bank thus tumbles of course, what also calculator for the calculation of the yield of fixed-term deposits offers like on… / fixed deposit calculator… to find, unique show. Nevertheless the offer of the Mercedes-Benz Bank may still fully be recommended, what on the high deposit insurance by approximately 284 million per customer is based, but also the stable interest rate policy of the Bank is owed. Of the Mercedes-Benz bank rate cut their expectations for the medium-term interest rates in the range of two to six years can be in addition very clearly read. Here are apparently expected to interest rate cuts.

Investors who have opened their deposit accounts until September 1, 2008, can enjoy the old interest of up to 5.40 percent per year. The Mercedes-Benz Bank leaves unchanged the interest rates of their day money supply. Investors who want to have their money daily here currently get 4 percent without limitations regarding duration or investment. However, fixed-term deposits with a short term is currently no such a bad choice, because all accounts that run for more than four months, the interest only be awarded in 2009, where they are subject to only the flat tax and no longer of taxation with the personal tax rate. Daniel Franke

What Is Notebook Bundles – It Exactly?

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Information about notebook bundles in the Internet. The principle actually known shops from the mobile phone. First of all the appliances in the purchase price were infinitely high, then they were sold for one euro. The breakthrough of mobile radio business started actually. It gave the unit the people, then you collect the pennies back – pardon the cents. But the benefit is ultimately on both sides, the threshold for the introduction of technology was abolished, and finally there were cell phones, which helped to open up new career opportunities and livelihoods often. You can earn money with things that previously only dreamed of.

For several years, we have a new network infrastructure. UMTS is in the coming years and offers new ways of working and of life. You can sit somewhere and do his work. You got a job in Berlin and is sitting somewhere on the sea – everything possible. The man – a laptop that is fast enough takes two things and also portable enough with a UMTS connection and a power contract. That’s why bundles are offered – so-called notebook bundles or NetBook bundles with a UMTS contract. There are several variants of bundles in this area.

Once I pay the full amount of the NetBook or notebook, gets service, or UMTS but but as a bonus free minutes for a hotspot minutes. The advantage of such a bundle is, you can try the performance ever and it is just all set up. Worth the free minutes for the provider, one understands one advantage, just to be online, then it is often the party faithful. Other possibilities of the hardware bundles are the different types of sponsorship. Get financed, a part of the device when it completes a long-term contract. It may be worth it then often uses the service. There are even providers who give the device a (including also Wi-Fi cell phone s are), when 2 years signs a firm contract. Here you should expect exactly. So expect, if multiplied by the 24 month contributions and with the real Unit price compares. Often, it is here so that in total to make a profit. Above all you must not now to finance the money for a laptop. Just for students, the a bundle can be a good deal. Torsten Heinsius

Spa And Beauty Gift Vouchers Celebrate Boom

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The days are getting shorter and the closer Christmas approaches, interest in wellness and beauty gift vouchers is the greater. As an aid for all those who are looking for a special wellness and beauty gift for their loved ones, the wellness & beauty guide provides from immediately a gift certificate directory. Even now, roughly 150 offers from all over Germany in the catalog are represented and more daily. The range of applications ranging from A like Ayurveda Y such as yoga. Find the directory of the gift certificate in the wellness & beauty Guide, on the Internet at wellness gutschein.html. Instead of thousands of Internet search hits to fight your way through, the wellness voucher seekers in the gift voucher directory of the wellness & beauty selects just the wellness – and beauty treatments guide, for which he would like to purchase a wellness voucher and receives a selection of available providers from throughout Germany with a mouse click. Simply click on the link provided and it enters it directly on the page of the Wellnessanbieters, where he can order his gift certificate in the amount desired by him directly. “Wellness and beauty gift vouchers are a gift idea that is actually good”, confirmed Werner Grohmann, operators of wellness & beauty guide portal.

“Who don’t like to even uses the possibility, free to take a break from the stress of everyday life and to indulge so properly.” The gift voucher directory of the wellness & beauty is a guide on the Internet at wellness gutschein.html available. About the wellness & beauty guide: with a comprehensive range of information and tips, wellness & beauty offers guide wellness – and beauty interested in everything you need for a relaxed and healthy life. In addition to current travel offers from the wellness weekend up to the overseas trip, a counselor from A like Aloe Vera to Y yoga, as well as its own “wellness city” area with attractive Spa and beauty facilities in major German cities informed the wellness & beauty guide regularly about the latest trends in wellness, beauty, fitness and health around the topic. Wellness trips of all leading German travel provider LTU, DerTour, Neckermann, Thomas Cook, alltours are offered in the wellness & beauty guide. Last minute and bargain deals are also represented as telescope. For all requests, a person interested in Wellness can make price comparisons and can be to sure to get the most for your money with every booking. The booking is then efficiently directly from the selected tour operators. Contact address for more information: Heike kareng H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH of Furstenrieder road 297a 81377 Munchen Tel.: + 49 (0) 89-3700-280-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89-3700-280-1 e-mail: Internet:

Russian Avantgardistin Ljubov Popova

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Gurus say who is good, and the appreciation and the so-called quality related to the price. The proximity of artworks to share is that the buyer completes a bet on the future success and on the profitability of a plant. A work of art must arise out of inner necessity, not only the eye, but speak also soul and mind and enrich humanity with its vision”, the Milanese gallerist Arturo Schwarz thinks (” quoted in “HYPE”, Piroschka Dossi, dtv Munich, 2007). I am reluctant with the idea of the enrichment of humanity through a vision. Often visionary powers, such as when a shaman are associated with the artist. Consistent with the contradictory denial of money in the art scene, puts the art in the vicinity of the religion. The religious claims of art is reflected in the vague language of the art exegetes. “A taste: so the press release to a current museum exhibition, the artwork gives an idea of presence and spirituality, which exceeds the superficial actuality of the object.” All right? To adequately assess art, exact knowledge of art history and contemporary art is useful to establish similarities and connection lines.

A work of art is never isolated in history. Sometimes, the proximity of artistic masterpieces to other ideas is very striking. Who knows that Jackson Pollock’s famous drip paintings Max Ernst are based on an idea of his artist friend? Or that Frank Stellas space-filling installations represent an enlargement of the art of the Russian Avantgardistin Ljubov Popova? Who brings Neo Rauch images with the reverse stared works by Balthus and the supercooled realism of the 1920s in conjunction? No art without art judgment! It has become more difficult to locate that information, which enable a judgment. Quality assessment requires knowledge of artistic strategies and objectives. Today, you can only subjective approach of the art, but involve also the historiography of art.

Prepaid Cell Phones As An Alternative?

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It’s worth a prepaid device to buy? Prepaid phones are technically not unlike normal contractual devices as free cell phones also. In this respect, there is place no restrictions that you must accept only because if you buy a mobile phone with a prepaid card with a normal contract. The only possible downside is the simlock, an electronic lock which are found very frequently in prepaid phones and which ensures that you can use the device only with the supplied prepaid card. At this point you should therefore also consider what type of phone is right. For more specific information, check out Bernie Sanders. Contract equipment cost often only one euro, one being bound here contract for 2 years to a provider.

Although it is not forced to use the contract, monthly fixed costs like monthly fee or minimum sales also apply however. Prepaid cell phones are usually little subsidized and therefore also only 10-30 Euro cheaper than free devices without any kind of contract. Prepaid cell phones often have the already mentioned simlock and force to the use of a particular Prepaid card. Contractual devices come without contractual obligation or technical barrier, they are often the most expensive in comparison. Who already want a contract and with this also want my phone call is best served with a contract unit. The long term is also a disadvantage, because one wants to use the Treaty Yes anyway longer.

The same applies to customers who directly seek a prepaid card. If there is just a cell phone cheaper with this to the desired map: why not. The lock not interested in the case, after all, one wants to use the device only with the purchased card. For everyone else, however, rather recommends a free device. Here is one absolutely unattached and can flexibly decide which provider to choose. There is a cheaper deal at some point, you can easily switch without having to think about whether you can still use the phone. In the discount field, there are very often new offer and new mobile phone tariffs significantly undercut usually the old tariffs. This flexibility can cash Money be worth: to save a few cents on the phone with a new contract that can make quite those euros over the period, you paid more for the purchase of a mobile phone.

Yield And Growth Instead Of Collapse

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The financial crisis to stand up – new income options open up Mittenwalde daily, almost hourly, reach us horror stories from the stock exchanges of the world. The financial markets collapse”and similar titles a raining down on us all. Yet no one can quantify the extent of the crisis or sufficiently appreciate even their impact. This raises fears not only among private investors, but unsettled increasingly small and medium-sized enterprises. We still make it, the sheep”to bring in the dry, or should we open up better just completely new income channels? How often are new revenue-generating opportunities sometimes closer than one would think.

Do you run a website? Wonderful! Here the sleeping additional income hiding”, Martin Lindstedt, online marketing manager of ProfiWIN GmbH, stressed those who want to earn money on the Internet with again and again. Private individuals, freelancers, and above all, entrepreneurs have recognized today. that they must be present with your company on the Internet. Just who is using all means of communication, may be close to its customers. What obvious, to provide even more added value as these customers? As he envisions it, Mr.

Lindstedt reveals directly. Use existing own Internet portals and websites for advertising partnerships and develop new ways without additional costs. Make money from your website! “, he recommends the page operators. Carefully selected partnerships offer an additional benefit for our own customers and thus leave a positive impression. “That the operators of the website with its referral advertising” money earned, is usually not true taken and thus doubly beneficial affects. The pioneer – or gold-rush atmosphere in this area has evolved already gorgeous. Corporations of many industries have overcome, meanwhile, already possible reservations and recognized the incredible opportunities. Financial and image enhancement are returns, the everyone with can create low cost and available material. So the best right now to get started! Additional income instead of financial collapse. To earn money, instead of hoping for meager interest rates! The staff of the ProfiWIN GmbH to Mr. Lindstedt running even an affiliate program. He thus reported first-hand. Is contact for questions Martin Lindstedt, ProfiWIN GmbH? Zeppelinstr ring 18? 15749 Mittenwalde phone (03375) 2142311? available from 9 am-3 pm email: