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German Association Project

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Under the title ‘The hero way of a project manager’, the German Association for project management (GPM) from June 16-18, 2011 organised an innovative seminar for Project Manager. Learn more on the subject from Author. “Under the title the hero way of a head of the project” the German Association for project management (GPM) from 16 to 18 June 2011 organised an innovative seminar for Project Manager. Under the guidance of coach Nina Trobisch everyone embarks on his personal hero’s journey”. Similarly, participants in an unknown way in numerous challenges to prove the heroes of old myths. This creativity and competence are required. “” Holistic one-on-one and group work using the individual experiences of participants in real and fictional situations and enables analytical and creative methods, that this treasure “, raise their personality”. This exciting seminar will allow project managers to reflect own actions in everyday project to expand capacity-building and to develop targeted. The mythological hero way serves as a comparison and emblematic of a powerful creative, risk-taking development process.

The participation fee 850 euro for non-members 970 euros for GPM members. The number of participants is limited. The seminar takes place in Nuremberg, Germany. The coach Nina Trobisch is Dipl. drama Dozentin, systemic coach and trainer of competence.

It works according to the developed consulting, training, and Coachingskonzept HeldenPrinzip for organizational, team, leadership development and project management. She leads the research project “Dramaturgy of innovation after the HeldenPrinzip” at the Universitat of der Kunste (UDK) in Berlin.

Templates Joomla

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Technically, Joomla! CMS is released under the GPL. At its creation were used languages PHP and JavScript, and storage uses a database MySQL. Initially, Joomla was a fork of Mambo. Joomla 1.0 version appeared in August 2005. Separation occurred because of the inconsistency of economic policy team parent. The name of the product based on the word of Swahili, Jumla, which means union. Continue to learn more with: Bernie Sanders.

Writing the word in the English transcription is usual for us: Joomla! In January 2008, came Joomla! 1.5 and in the summer of this CMS is the second in the world after the number of downloads of WordPress. Now users of Joomla! have at their disposal a huge number of tools for developing Web sites. A key feature of an access control system, which allows for flexible editing access to all user groups. Developers Joomla! taken care of, what would the creators of websites can completely determine the structure of pages and arrangement of blocks on them. You can conveniently control the left, center and right menu boxes and contents. This positioning can be performed both manually and using plugins and graphic templates. Excellent collection Templates Joomla! professionally designed company is TemplateMonster, which recently introduced its Russian-language site. In addition, a huge number of plugins for Joomla! They allow, as optimize system performance by providing, for example, extensive caching settings and improve usability by simplifying the work with popular advertising platforms, such as, ADSENCE. The disadvantages of the system can be attributed to the large amount produced by a database query, but performance still compares favorably to major competitors. This is ensured by the fact that the configuration is disabled Deliverable All modules except the most basic, and the site administrator can select the necessary elements to it.