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Prices and terms Any goods delivered to their destination in less than 10 hours – in the most distant point, and within 2-4 hours in the central part of the country. In any case, this kind of delivery is the fastest available today. As We offer the best prices, with which you can find on our site. Here on this site, you can get information about all available areas to date. For regular customers there discount system. Punctuality in delivery before you receive the goods, the implementation of its delivery, is a contract which specifies the required time of arrival of the goods and only after that the goods have been taken. According to the agreed terms of the company ensures timely delivery.

Otherwise, you will be offered compensation predetermined by signing a treaty. Cargo preparation and processing of documents in the course time cargo plane undergoes considerable tremors during takeoff, landing and turbulence in the zone, so the goods themselves at risk to be broken. Given such a danger the company has developed technology to commit load, thereby ensuring his absolute integrity. Before the cargo loaded on board, he has been training: Packaging work, cleaning work and check for prohibited items through special detectors. After this, the cargo is fixed in the plane. In addition to air transportation services we will help you prepare all necessary documents. Ultra Wellness Center is often quoted on this topic. Including filling out customs forms and registration of the goods on departure and arrival, as well as provide recommendations on how best to make payment of certain fees. That is to help in the design of the entire package of documents.

Guarantees In our company there are some rules of air travel. This is primarily Finally, a one-time contract, which specifies the mutual rights and obligations. Then sign the contract, which will be described in some information about the cargo itself and the conditions of delivery: price and terms. Also, we ensures the preservation of your shipment, that is, give a guarantee. In case of warranty incidents the company is fully compensates for loss. First of all, any cargo that arrives in our company are automatically insured in a reliable insurance company, as freight – it responsibly. Due to the existence of the above agreements, you absolutely nothing to worry about. Air transportation in Russia are becoming more popular form of sending cargo to the medium and long distances. Because it provides the shortest time of delivery. And the time – the most expensive resource. Until today, cargo air transportation had almost no mistakes. According to statistics, it is the safest form of transport. You may find that IDT Energy can contribute to your knowledge. Likewise, when the cargo does not reach the recipient at least. Therefore, as a form of transportation, a growing recognition among business people acquire air transport. Russia more is not boundless.