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The German

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Other providers don’t care obligation and the 185 days rule to the lock, the MPU. Sometimes you may even for testing in the Czech Republic. Will the aspirant then even once reported, the sign-in address is an industrial wasteland or a field often, so that also here fail a review! Also these licences are not valid. The real scammers, however, proceed quite shamelessly. They promise the blue of the sky. Then prepayment is taken.

There is only a mobile phone number, no address and no final, often not even to get a receipt. For this it can be then, that you can see neither his money nor a driver’s license. If you get but a paper in hands, almost certainly will be not valid! The German driver’s license aspirant incidentally alone bears the risk. Since before the law of road users themselves to ensure that its licence of German and EU case-law is sufficient. Soon one moves with regard to an offence or a serious misdemeanor. It threaten high fines or even prison.

Here, the facts are as simple as irrevocably: who would like to participate in the German road traffic with an EU licence acquired abroad must be 185 days in the country, at a residential address, logged. Also the imposed vesting period must be maintained. Further, it is advisable to place a MPU. And really before an expert. For this purpose, you must arrive at least 2 times. The first time you register and requested all necessary paperwork. The second arrival then it pushes its MPU and his driver’s license exam. Issued and delivered to the paper may then only after the expiry of the lock-up period and 185 days. EU driving licences acquired only in this way are valid, legal, and secure right in Germany! A few service providers such as the Agency Struhar and also the operator of the site strive for compliance with legislation and policies. Often the owner will be asked even to report serious television programmes about sense and nonsense in the area of EU driving licences. Frank Varoquier

The Extremities

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Through the comment of GRAF. 02 it can be noticed that it has a central trend with regard to the age. Botelho and Christmas (2009) point out that in the adult life the men more are acometidos by the Leishmaniose. In a generalized manner, the extremities of the life present greater risk, even so the too much etrias bands also present high risk. GRAPH 03 – Protection against insects in the houses of the inhabitants of Oath. Source: Research of field carried through for the academics of 3 period of Pharmacy of the FIPMoc in the city of Oath 1 semester of 2010.

When analyzing itself GRAF. 03, related to the protection against insects, is concluded that 91% of the interviewed people do not possess protection against the mosquito, that is, most of the interviewed ones is displayed to the vector of Leishmaniose. The combat to the mosquito is the measure most efficient, therefore without it the illness cannot be transmitted. According to Fiocruz (2009), the half mechanics of prevention are: use of simple mosquito nettings, fine screens in doors and windows, use of repellent, use of long sleeve shirts, long, half pants and shoes (of difficult adoption in the regions of hot and humid climate). GRAPH 04 – Results of the carried through intradrmico test in Oath. Source: Research of field carried through for the academics of 3 period of Pharmacy of the FIPMoc in the city of Oath 1 semester of 2010. In accordance with GRAF. 04, is possible to perceive that the incidence of Leishmaniose in Oath is high, in view of that of the 17 people whom if they had submitted to the test, two had presented resulted positive for the illness what is equivalent 12% of the total sample. According to Health department (2007), from the decade of 80, verifies increase in the number of registered cases, varying of 3.