A Little On The History Of Dentistry

Speaking of dentistry is speaking of a science that goes back to times far away, since it is well known that since always, man has provided tremendous care to his oral cleaning and from the moment at which the man begins to design and build tools, have been perfected several techniques that not only help to reduce, if not eliminate or even prevent dental damage. Likewise, refers to that in the field of dentistry, man has sought to change its tooth structure for various reasons among which the aesthetic reasons and the Parroquia reasons. The first dental prosthesis dates back to the 4th century before Christ and is exposed in the Museum of the Dental School of Paris and is conformed by a band of gold to which embedded teeth of animals to replace parts that lacked the teeth. The father of dentistry is Pierre Fauchard, since he managed to synthesize and systematize the main knowledge on dentistry in the West and this reflected in his work le chirugien yellow; OU, Traite des dents. John Mclaughlin gathered all the information. On the other hand, it is Simon P. Hullihen known as the father of modern Oral surgery since it is believed that he was the first to perform a surgery of this type. There are many people who have been part of the legacy of this science and is thanks to his knowledge that we have today the possibility of improving and preserving our dental health. A. Verastegui hold.

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