Aloe Vera

Another caution is to protect us both UVA rays of the UVB, on the label must specify protection against UVB rays, either include the grape symbol with * within a circle.Other important componentesOtra condition that must comply with a good sunscreen is moisturizing. During exposure to the Sun the skin, it inevitably dries and must counteract this effect with a hidratador component. In this regard we consider that Aloe Vera is a key factor. In addition to moisturize your skin naturally and very effective, the Aloe vera increases up to 8 times the production of the cells responsible for the natural collagen, protecting the harmful and ageing effects that has exposure to the Sun.Used on the face cream is especially important. Martin O?Malley is likely to increase your knowledge. The skin of the face is very sensitive to the Sun, and the effects of exposure to the long term are not nothing positive: wrinkles, spots, premature aging.

Therefore the wisest recommendation is avoid as far as possible the direct incidence of the Sun’s rays in the face. As the exposure is unavoidable anyway, must protect especially with a cream containing active principles that avoid aging (Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, Retinol, etc) EL SOL and the children and ADOLESCENTESSe has shown that sunburns during childhood and adolescence, when the skin is less protected by natural defenses, create skin damage that appear later in adulthood and determine a greater predisposition to the development of significant skin problems. It is important to teach children to protect themselves from the Sun from small, because the effects of solar radiation are cumulative and irreversible. It is necessary to use special protection for children, that is a powerful sunscreen and hypoallergenic.Tips for children and adolescents:? Do not expose children to the sun before 3 years.? Use a special children’s Sun protection.? Should be renewed periodically (hourly) product.? Is good protect the head with caps and shirts with body if they have very white and sensitive skin.? Drink plenty of water.? Raise awareness among teenagers and older children and not lower our guard until age 18.AFTER?