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Stable Revenue Model: Easy Car Service Continue To Grow

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While the workshop car market shrinking, further growth recorded the easy auto-service GmbH. -In the third year after establishing the Cologne provider draws a positive balance. -Through the booking platform, easy car provides you with service over 280 master facilities maintenance and repair jobs. -With regional graded hourly rates and solid, individually calculated fixed prices, the sales platform for direct job placement proves to be a solid revenue model. Cologne, the 02.09.2013 – the easy car service Ltd.

asserts itself in a shrinking automobile repair and maintenance market. Three years after the founding in August 2010 CEO and initiator Philipp Hess draws a positive balance. In times of diminishing returns we generate for our partner companies. stable additional income” This is possible through an efficient online sales approach and a service component that is unique in the industry: the workshops to pick up the vehicle at a fixed price and return cleaned it. The combination of efficiency and service “works: we make the experience that has service future”, says Hess. Easy car service list a growing demand of customers and workshops, because easy car service creates added value for all stakeholders”, so Hess. DerWerkstattmarkt polarisiere between the premium segment and low-price strategy. Advice and convenience are crucial as differentiators.”Easy car service benefit customers by saving time and service.

Offers are individually calculated at easy auto service at a fixed price of experienced workshop masters who are specifically for questions (and explanations) available. Less demand, but more jobs with this formula for success easy car spares service also the workshops valuable Zeit.Als contractor for easy car service must acquisition effort nor Dunning run, because easy car within seven working days pays Service Bill. On request, parts wholesalers Hess supplies the required spare parts and repair information before the agreed Dates of service on the car operating out of. Through the automatic delivery of part of the logistical overhead for the workshop also.

H & Z Is Excellent

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Especially appreciated by women and older employees fairness and team spirit are two of the strongest aspects which make it one of the most popular employers in Germany’s h & z. With the seal Germany’s best employer 2013 “are awarded for their attractiveness and the quality of their work. Employees appreciate especially the trustworthy, appreciative and motivating atmosphere at h & z, so the independent jury. Compared to the average of the top ten employers of in Germany an above average number of employees say that the company offers a very good job at h & z. Poet has much to offer in this field. Including women and older employees agree with this statement. We know the importance of a positive working atmosphere. Investment in the workplace culture are valuable means for us to promote productivity and quality, and hence the employee satisfaction”, says Thomas Zachau, founder and CEO of h & e. awarded is the award since 2002 each year by the great place to work Institute, funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs in the framework of the initiative new quality of work. “Cooperation partner network are the demographics” and the Handelsblatt”and the staff magazine” as media partners, the University of Cologne as a scientific partner and the job exchange step tone. This year, over 500 companies have on the great place to work “benchmark study to work culture took part. Credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit are the investigated and evaluated categories. The net result based two-thirds on employee surveys and a third on a culture audit”to the staff and management work, assessed by an independent jury. What is a consultancy to the best employer? Consulting firms like h & z stand for a new workplace culture in the industry. In Central criteria they meet the needs of workers to employers for them that meets also on the expectations of women and older Workers to.

Alte Messe

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2 distributions that prospecting over the values were. Beginning of December there was a distribution i. H. v. 50 percent for investors of the Fund No. 1 so you have Get your entire spent Kommanditkapital investors back already. The investors of the Fund No. 2 received a distribution of i.

H. v. 20 percent. This was twice as high as originally forecast by the issue prospectus. Last but not least the publity AG could take their new headquarters in autumn 2012 after a record construction period of only 10 months on the Alte Messe in Leipzig, the publity Center. Approx.

3,500 m sq area staff of publity now optimal working conditions find – starting with bright offices, through efficient archive areas up to to a functional Conference Center with State-of-the-art media technology. Thomas Olek: “the cover of the new headquarters is a milestone for the further growth of the publity financial group. We have created optimal conditions, to improve our work processes and to be able to offer our partners and investors an excellent service.” Total investment for the publity Center amounted to approximately EUR 6 million. “By the great commitment of our employees and partners could we so successfully make this year”, says Thomas Olek. “But we’re going big in the coming years and have already set the course. Publity is optimally equipped to emit high-yielding closed-end funds even after introduction of the AIFM directive. We have made all preparations, to be able to achieve an above-average growth in the coming years.” About the publity financial group – the publity financial group has “track record” a 7-year-old relative to the purchase and recovery of non-performing loans (NPLs). Currently, publity edit a NPL amounting to more than EUR 4 billion and making it one of the market leaders of the independent Servicers in Germany. Fund closed as an issuer, Fund, provides publity performance publity its investors an investment product that combines the aspects of yield, safety and duration in an ideal ratio. With the newly built and in the autumn of 2012 headquarters in Leipzig, as well as offices in London and Luxembourg, which is publity both partners by banks, institutional investors, but also by family offices and private investors. The Board of publity AG, Thomas Olek and Christoph Blacha, involved different memberships in association organizations also personally for the creation and compliance with quality standards for the trading and servicing loans. The publity AG has ushered in a new era in terms of transparency. With the presented October 2012 first transparency report, which is published twice a year in the future, report on the investments and the revenue development of all fund companies puts publity in detail. “In such a sensitive area, such as the NPL market transparency and openness is a decisive factor. The investors and distributors receive a detailed insight into the business activities of the publity, with the transparency report”explains Frank Schneider, Chairman of the Board of publity AG and partner of the law firm CMS Hasche sigle. More information about publity AG on the Web pages and. Press contact: Oliver Obermann IMMO MEDIA CONSULT spark Burgstrasse 23, 04105 Leipzig phone 0341.90 97 90 00 telefax 0341.90 97 90 97

System Alliance Sets Future Report

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38 trends, 22 external studies, about 300 participants, three scientists and 150 pages future report”the system Alliance has in the past twelve months with questions about the future of logistics dealt extensively. At transport logistic”in Munich presented the General cargo cooperation now the results of the so-called future workshop” before. Niederaula/Munich, 23 May 2011 – a year-long system Alliance, a medium-sized strong cooperation for general cargo with ten shareholders and four partners, has gone on a journey into the future of transport and logistics. “These three scientists and a communication specialist, acted as a local tour guide” the concept for the future-workshop “have developed and moderated the entire process, and documented. The so-called W-team”analyzed 22 external future studies, conducted well two dozen interviews with owners, managers and executives and organized ten workshops with approximately 90 participants and participants from the 40 Regional operations of the cooperation.

The scientific data base was complemented by a survey, attended by nearly 300 employees and employees from the system Alliance organization. “Scientific methods mix the result: A 150 pages strong future report” with 38 trend descriptions, divided into six categories, as well as recommendations for action for the next few years. In the drafting of the study Dr. Heiko have had Prof. Dr.

Thomas Krupp, especially the relevance for embossed medium-sized transportation and logistics provider in the views from the Canal and Dr. Bernhard Albert together with the communication expert Uwe Berndt. It was so not to match compelling new trends to days to promote, but existing future theses to identify, and with the perception in practice. While the experts combined various scientific methods with the aim to get a possible realistic picture of assessment of trends within the system Alliance. Highlights were for example the so-called external environments, so areas as society and individual, technology and innovation, economy and companies, policy and law as well as environment and resources.

Marketing Key Accounts

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The customer marketing is the performance of the company specific customer groups In the Center is the idea of editing a segmented customer base with specific marketing actions. The differentiation is done mostly to small customers, on the one hand and key customers (key accounts) on the other hand. While especially the cost-effectiveness of the measures at the Centre in the small customer management, customer-specific solutions aimed at the key account management. Key accounts is considered to be only 20% of the customer base. They combine but often up to 80% of the total turnover of the provider. Key account management aligns with the strategic and operational activities on the important customers and bundles the customized combinations of performance measures. Key account management has special importance in the industry.

The results of the study show that single-sourcing strategies or partnership systems also force companies to focus on their customers in the long term. The direct contact to the customer must be sought, to its claims and problems to know. Key account management by combining customer-oriented activities can help to take advantage of synergies between provider and customer. Through an integration of value chains, minimizes interface issues and coordinates the tasks between the companies. Reduce the cost of a traditional division of labour, and the provider services are transparent to the customer. The provider company reduces duplication in the customer processing and support.

CF. Becker, Jorg: intellectual capital report with customer barometer, ISBN 9783837051773. performance or partner systems such as the key account management require an active focus on the customer by the provider. These concepts emphasize the central importance of personal relationships. This becomes especially clear when linking of material and services to power systems. Here, not only the kind of provider decides the success, but is the service rendered by the employee to the customer to a central competitive factor. He is also in the key account management personal contact in the Center. This is the relationship management comes in. Through targeted the personal relationship with the individual customer care, the company can align their own activities on its claims and build differentiation advantage over the competition. Suppliers can gain information and align their own activities on the potential business. A personal relationships is important in direct cooperation with key customers. Important management functions be given to decentralised customer structures key account management. Information about the customer contacts must be bundled and services adapted to the specific needs of different areas. Developments in customer and competitor behaviour must be observed and evaluated in their effects on their own position. CF. Becker, Jorg: intellectual capital report with customer barometer, ISBN 9783837051773. Jorg Becker

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day Feb. 14) – a holiday, delicate and fair. This is a celebration for everyone who loves all who love For 16 centuries from one year to Feb. Ian Sinclair may also support this cause. 14 from the normal day turns into the most anticipated amorous couples holiday. On this wonderful day, people get close to each other in the form of small Souvenir Cards – Valentine heart-shaped, filled with beautiful wishes and recognition that the entire year warm and give joy! Every year this festival is gaining more hearts. And it does not mean that our country becomes more enamored. Just a crazy pace of our lives more and more like at least one day to give the very people who support us, warm, save from boredom and trouble, cheer us up and just love us for what we have with all our flaws and shortcomings! For this they worthy, of course, more than one day of attention and love, but we do not always do what we want. And I'm really glad that there is a holiday, in which any person without the embarrassment can loudly say that he loves and is grateful to all those around him! And it does not matter whether you find that half, they dream of the day worth seeing it all: work colleagues, friends, parents, classmates, and just sitting next to people! After giving a smile and joy in response to You get the same thing! Well, if you think seriously about the gifts that I in turn can advise something!))) Originally back in the 17 th century to this day, a smart, well or not so my uncle offered to present to each other sweets or gloves! Well, in general, as time went tastes have changed and we got to the 21 st century! Where the abundance of various souvenirs and trinkets eyes run in different directions! Well, so that really does not get lost to begin with let us define who we are prepare for free! If this is your co-workers or good friends to them or anything particularly ambitious to think it is not necessary, it is best if you will present them pretty well, Valentine, and what may be goodies for tea! Well, if you are cooking present to his beloved one, then there will well and it is desirable to work hands well, and just – a little head! After all, as we remember from childhood is the best gift – it's one that we made ourselves! Well, something like this ))) well and If all this still is not enough time, try to get to their favorite things in the stores! In our time, the choice for so many huge that without a gift you will not stay ))) Well on that optimistic note I will finish! Do not pull with the best of all gifts made in advance so that afterwards there was no panic! Good luck bye bye! Original article posted on

Bungee Jumping For The Notebook

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Notebook cases are part of the IT strategic process notebooks suffer more damage than stationary PCs usually this is due to the transport in the laptop bag. If the notebook for example not want to boot up, then often, because it was exposed to shock or vibration. The company UMATES is focused therefore on, to develop solutions for the optimal transport of notebooks. Goal is to avoid damage to the notebook, so that users and companies can save costs for IT support, downtime and data loss in the long term. At Martin O?Malley you will find additional information. The UMATES bags is the built-in elastic stretch Sling, in which the notebook is attached and which operates on the principle of bungee-jumping: drops the bag on the floor, the expansion loop is, but only to the extent that touches not the bottom of the bag the mobile computer and remains intact. Screen, hard disk enclosure are protected optimally against bumps and shocks. Our solutions focus 100% on the security At the same time the user saves notebooks, costs for repairs and new purchases of mobile equipment, reads the message by Kim Rasmussen, founder of the company. In addition, the suspension in the UMATES pockets facilitates the placing and removing of the notebook. Users get is faster and easier on your notebook, an advantage, especially in business or security checks at the airport of great benefit.

A Home Remedy For Herpes Labialis Not Is Difficult To Prepare If You Follow These Tips

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Home remedies for cold sores are usually effective for controlling symptoms and speed healing of wounds, are easy to make, also that they can be correctly applied with simple explanations that will show you below. Cold sores usually occur due to the presence of the the herpes simplex virus that attacks when our defenses are low. Therefore a first advice is to eat foods rich in vitamin C and B, both stimulate the immune system, therefore the time of disease may decrease if our defences once again take control. Consume the juice of an orange daily help to maintain high defenses, in addition to locally, this vitamin stimulates the formation of collagen, which is essential for the healing of wounds. Another remedy that can be used to soothe the pain caused by herpetic blister is the application of honey in it, especially just before eating our food, since it protects the wound from the constant friction with food and provides for immediate relief of pain and itching. Another home remedy for cold sores, is the cleaning of the wound with a slice of tomato, the texture of this vegetable is ideal for the removal of dirt from the wound, without removing the skin of the same, since blisters skin protects it from the outside and serves as a matter for healing.

Do not forget to rinse after the Jet of water, never with the language, because there is a risk of spread the virus to the oral cavity and as a result may appear oral herpes. Put these home remedies for cold sores to test and see how useful and effective that can be. Discover how I could remove outbreaks of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very curious method by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.

Curious System

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Tokyo is probably the best place in the world to eat. The gastronomic offer there reaches surprising levels of refinement, and gathers more Michelin stars than any other corner of the planet. However, eating in Tokyo can present serious difficulties for Westerners. The first, the overabundance of restaurants that are supposed to, largely exceed the 30000. The second, and no less important, is the way to communicate with elected local staff. Because one thing is to make from home, so calm, a hotel reservation online for our stay in Tokyo and another, very different, it is understood with waiters and cashiers who, most of the times, not neither English nor Spanish, speak or anything. Japanese only. In fact, this is the usual scenario in the cheapest restaurants in Japan’s capital, since in Tokyo, as in any part of the world, the best gastronomic establishments are certainly the most expensive.

They are inclusive, by type of change, perhaps, more expensive even for Westerners than the others capitals of the world. And if we talk about costs, another detail that we must bear in mind is that the Japanese feed in a manner quite exotic to Westerners. And it is not easy to find more European dishes. That you quoted, in addition, where appropriate, price of gold. In Japan there are to feed as the Japanese… Now well, do avoid death by starvation if the cheaper restaurants staff comprises only their native language? Actually, it is not as difficult as it seems. The most popular restaurants in Tokyo are usually installed in the vicinity of railway stations.

Frequented mostly by clerks, they offer full menus at very convenient prices, generally composed of rice noodles and a bowl of soup, and awarded for game play Diners with water or iced green tea at discretion (current Tokyo water can drink without fear). To the relief of the foreign public, most of these establishments are handled with a curious dishes prepaid booking system. Indeed, one ticket vending machine receives customers to local input. Each one of their buttons displayed a picture of the different menus or dishes. The diner selects a dish, pays, removed his ticket, choose table and, when sitting, delivers it to the waiter. Curiosities of life in Tokyo. Jorge Alberto Guinazu reservation of Hotel Online Councilman Kingdom: the municipality must recover the expensive collection of waste, water and sewer services Ouvintes all capitals of the world nine G completo Sanchez Robayna closes this Thursday letters capitals so!

Latin American

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It is perhaps unnecessary to add that Trilce has become an inescapable reference of contemporary Latin American poetry, the unique creation of a poet of emergency. Although many possible readings of a work where language appears to have dislocated all expectations in style and content, for the purposes of this section shall, in the first place, refer to the words as instruments of exploration and synthesis of a universe that slashing the materials, the immanent. Because it was impossible to symbolize, to assume the representation of the external thing, the world, it seems to appear as an element that replaced to create a verbal body that retracts into itself: the poem. Novelist describes an additional similar source.

Is that the Vallejo’s poetic writing embodies the intimate setting itself up existing home, the place of the waived. And from the rispidez that opposes the language, the author, the demiurge, built in spite of the word, because their writing does not flow or deployed as a harmonious body, but from a deliberate resistance desacralizes forms, beyond the mechanism language, subvert it, in what could be interpreted as a necessary, irrepressible break, not with the formal scaffolding, but with what exists. Then, the floor is installed in the body text as a corrosive, alien, perhaps the world itself in symbolic investment. For more information see this site: Ultra Wellness Center. This process of replacement and installation of a new order can not represent but a search that is to culminate in the construction of a coherent system with its own structure; try, then, to approach, touch at least the sense of it, the possible reason to support it as a unit expressing, communicating.