Car Batteries In Winter


Leaving your car on the street for a long time in cold weather it is desirable to consider, whether he be got over. After all, in cold weather the battery can sit for a few hours. Certainly such important moments as the tension belt generator, clean car battery terminals, tightening their quality is always essential. Car battery is discharged in the winter much. This lamp, which is now permanently switched on and oven Parking heater and rear window and radio. I think the ideal option to use during the cold period of two batteries. One parking space in the house at night, maybe old, but still a working battery, a second the battery is more than a new one for travel. When changing the batteries to charge them in the apartment with the charger, or just keep warm.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford it. Yes, and pull the batteries home and from home – dubious pleasure. Much easier and more beneficial to take care of proper care and charging. So much for calm and stable operation of the vehicle in cold weather, you should: – check that the contacts mounting location of wires on the battery – the belt of the generator – to insulate the battery and engine compartment insulation material – during prolonged use of parking, the second a more drawn battery to maintain the alarm in working order – check the tightness of the electrolyte – in addition to recharge the battery. Just good at warming up the engine in the morning, and just before the trip, start the engine and some time not to include heating, radio, lights that would give better battery recharge. When storing the car in the garage, it is enough to disable a terminal, if the car does not get off the basic settings for withdrawal of nutrition. In this case there is a slight discharge the battery. During the period of severe frost can be removed the battery and store in a cellar, where the temperature is much higher than on the street. Now many companies offer purchase new batteries at a discount of up to 20%, replacing the old one. Welcome winter with a new, well-charged battery is much safer.