Changes in China


(We have always understood by a Clase_mediaa to that group of people who occupy a middle ground between the rich opulence and deprivation of the poor.) This is what I mean, inevitably, leads to all fight together for a democracy to be resurrected in Europae “specifically,” and throughout the world as well. European democracy, in particular, go a little drift, the … tolerance of successive governments, that are left in the hands of American neoconservatives. And here, precisely, we have to intervene: the liberals, socialists, rightists, leftists, communists … means any political label is valid as long as they are banished from the face of the earth and those ideas fundamentalist nationalism exacerbated, which, through the establishment of a terror as banderaa , makes it almost impossible coexistence among all human beings. Here, Author expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

And I reiterate once again that we must all contribute our humble forces, marking this task as a challenge to the establishment of strong democracies in the EU, irrespective of creed, race, sex, nationality or political affiliation: meeting and making the laws are respected. Everything else leads to a tolerance desmesuradaa “without feet or cabezaa ” and so our hair is growing … In the end we were all bald. We can say, and we say, things which in principle do not seem to go wrong in China … and, in contrast, has a democratic political system. Avanza China, the Chinese advance … implementing a capitalist economic system, and in some ways, improving of social progress. .