Corporal Man


They are sufferings that basically compromise the quality of the life and feeling. Whenever Martin O?Malley listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Innumerable you evidence they are them that they disclose that in the corporal man, representations and manifestations, they are anatomical, physiological or cytological, they are not depleted in the biological dimension. The paid clinic one weighed tribute for not the recognition of the transcendncia of this dimension lived for the patient, the frequent impossibility to understand the suffering of the patient, always related to this another experience of its body. The development of the human being points with respect to the formation of structures and more complex functions each time. The objective of this development is to assure the balance of a permanently requested organism for internal and external stimulatons.

During the life, the vacant human being in a turbulent ocean where all balance is unstable and fugaz. Inside of this movement of life, it can find its balance in regressive movements of destruction and disorganization. The illness, organic or psychic, is part of the ways it individual to regulate its homostasis, its relations with the way and the other human beings. The organism permanently collates with the emergency and the flow of excitaes and the necessity to unload them. For this, it counts essentially on three ways: the organic way, the action and the thought, that, in this order, represent gradual the hierarchic degree of the evolution of the resources of the individual to answer to the external stimulatons, interns or, which is submitted. The health, the symptom and the illness are manifestations that result of a complex game of forces almost always unknown of the individual. Ahead of the suffering, patient and therapist must not only eliminate it but understand the history from which it consisted. The manifestation of the symptoms is a signal of that something does not come flowing well has some time; these symptoms would represent.