Deputy Service Director

Security in the cloud? (Sven Hancock, Deputy Service Director, Adlon data processing systems GmbH, Ravensburg) are the doubts over cloud solutions and concerns regarding data security and data protection actually entitled? What mean cloud solutions for IT security? The data of the customers in the cloud are now safer or the customer must have more fear to its data? How is the security in the cloud of with existing, local security to look at? It follows a consideration of safety-related aspects in the context of a cloud data center, including the ISO 27001 standards. The term of data security from a legal perspective (Prof. Dr. Marc Strittmatter, business law, HTWG Konstanz) in this lecture is highlighted the issue of security in the cloud from juridical point of view. What challenges such as contracts, privacy right, copyright or IT compliance, issues that may be for the use of cloud services in the company by supporting role.

All interested employees and decision makers are invited by companies as well as students and professors. This event is free of charge for you! Contact person: Wife Manja Wagner in integrated information systems GmbH at the Seerhein 8 78467 Konstanz Tel. + 49 7531 8145-0 mail: in integrated information systems GmbH since 1989 is the in-built information systems GmbH (GmbH) as an independent consulting and software company on the market active. The headquarters is located in Konstanz and a branch in Boblingen near Stuttgart. Customers working for renowned international analyze and optimize consulting existing information and process structures. On this basis develop specialist software solutions based on standard products. The intelligent solutions provide a targeted exchange of information, continuous and flexible processes, as well as a high degree of transparency. By the integrative and mobile IT solutions, our customers achieve a permanent improvement of their processes along the supply chain; from product development, production and distribution to service. Management control systems support decisions by powerful flexible online visualization of systems, characteristics and processes; in the local area network, remote monitoring, in critical areas and mobile. The in-GmbH’s customer base extends from the medium-sized companies to major corporations. Among others, companies like Daimler, Audi, VW, EADS, Siemens, Liebherr, Tesat, or Lechler for many years trust consulting and solutions in integrated information systems GmbH.

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