Effective Learning


From there they appear language of the bees, the language of the dolphins, the languages of computers. We will treat here, however, only of the verbal language, only capacity that the human being distinguishes from any another animal. Novelist has many thoughts on the issue. Many theories exist that try to explain as a considered child normal, that is, without physiological problems that can say affect it and without normal conditions of exposition to the language, with age of three the four years, it dominates almost perfectly, the language said to its redor. Of all these theories, we go to mention four chains and on theoreticians it: the behaviourism, the inatismo, the cognitivismo construtivismo and the sociointeracionismo. The hierarchies of the learning Effectively the developed and structuralized systematic accomplishments around ' ' hierarchies of the learning fully enroll in the tradition of analyses of condutista inspiration of education programado' '. (Coll, p.226.) As the basic author the estimated one of the condutista tradition had been if originating the general theory of learning that if bases on the programming of concepts and contents that if approached to the knowledge concrete, that is, next to the reality that the child can have.

The child has direct contact with some information and between them she selects what she interests to it. She fits to the professor to propagate the activated previous knowledge that already is selected and incorporating other item that enrich the vocabulary thus stirring up in the child the desire to more than know to search greater agreement to incorporate new information, this curiosity must be encouraged. One affirms such ideas Coll, 1990 in accordance with p.227 the necessity to leave of objects formulated clearly; to establish an order; a commanded sequence of education, destined to harness the reach of these objetivos' '. We can stand out the importance of the objectives for accomplishment of the tasks most common, since simplest until most complex.