ERevMax RateTiger Academy Establishes

eRevMax XOTEL train and hoteliers fit for the future – first date of Germany on June 8 in Frankfurt London, March 22, 2010: revenue – and channel-management expert eRevMax cooperates with XOTELS, a consulting firm specializing in the hospitality industry. RateTiger Academy aims to offer of an internationally-based seminar series, as well as individual training courses. A better understanding of the various processes and possibilities of the online market to conveyed hoteliers in the context of these events. Topics include the control of Internet distribution channels, pricing strategies, revenue management, ways to successfully interact with the competition, as well as sales administration. The partners are planning the development of tailor-made seminars and the provision of certification courses for staff, interested owners, directors and managers. (A valuable related resource: Ultra Wellness Center). The RateTiger Academy will provide insights into the rapidly changing and complex online travel market.

Industry experts are to the understanding of marketing strategies, revenue- and yield management, as well as the available, supporting technology within the hospitality industry deepen. Contents of the first seminar is an overview of the complex and not easily manageable distribution landscape, in which a hotelier must operate his business today. In addition to an overview of the market, it comes to alternative techniques and ideas, the successfully challenges himself and profits can be improved. Travel portals, are on the agenda Positioning options; Suggestions for its own offering; Customer loyalty; Availability and rates optimization and price segmentation; Rate parity vs. rates integrity; and expert advice for your own website. “The one-day course titled distribution day channel management in changing markets” is offered in May and June 2010 in English or German language and can be booked immediately RateTiger or XOTELS. The industry is at a critical point. In the last decade, new technologies have been developed in a very short time, to new customer groups to achieve, so that the hotel industry had difficulties to follow these changes,”said West, founder of XOTELS REMKO.

Through the distribution of days’ we help hoteliers to understand what the new channels for they can do and how they use them efficiently. The courses improve control over an extensive sales structure and support to the market conditions at any time dynamic and flexible to stay.”we are experiencing in dealing with our customers an increasing demand for advice and support, as the possibilities of the new marketing landscape maximum profit can be exploited,” said Sascha Hausmann, CEO, eRevMax. Many hoteliers are nowadays overwhelmed in the face of an oversupply of sales channels, which require different approaches. We want to clear the fog around the topic of channel management and be glad that we have found a consulting firm with XOTEL shares this vision.” For courses in London (4.5) and Prague (26.5) a seminar in German in Frankfurt will be held on June 8. For more information about the events or to register you will please:. for Jasmine Keller jasminkeller.communication