European Slush

Leading winter tyre manufacturer offers high security and lowering costs environmental friendliness – seven innovation ten percent better slush qualities bring the premium tyres in comparison with its main competitors. Good driving on slush is the most important for 95 per cent of motorists according to a representative survey, because slushy snow means danger and is common. 20 percent lower rolling resistance provides the fuel-efficiency of Nokian WR G2 tires compared to several other European winter tyre of the same type\”product development manager explains Teppo Huovila. He consumes 0.3 litres less fuel on 100 kilometers at a midsize car with average consumption of 8.5 litres, which allows 3.5 percent fuel savings.\” In addition, CO2 emissions reduced significantly. While the Finn show excellent handling on snow-covered and dry road as well as strong grip when wet.

This eco-tires has the ideal combination of high safety and eco-friendliness reduction costs so the Nordic Winter specialist. Also, the Nokian WR G2 scores equal with seven innovations: slush edge, wiper blades, acceleration stabilizer, 3 D support plates, silica canola oil mix, asymmetrical profile and polished grooves. The slush edge displaced heavy mud mass and the wiper blades wipe the water from the road under braking, the acceleration stabilizer improves safety during rapid acceleration. In the rubber, no carcinogenic PAH oils are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Most comprehensive size range with 28 new dimensions has been the size range now with 28 new dimensions almost doubled and is the most comprehensive in the trade: 61 14 inch of speed category T size up to 20 inch W tires with tip of 270 km/h are available. Almost every car model can thus be equipped. There are also six run-flat versions. The tyre with the XL label for the most part, they have a reinforced construction. Even at high speeds, the Nokian WR G2 run excellent on snow-covered and dry road.