February Computer

The bet computer wholesaler to offer a better service in the Blanyai network, computer wholesalers, have taken this new 2011 as the year to launch its website (www.blanyai.es) permanently. To this end, improve its design, navigation, ease of management, and tools to provide a comprehensive and complete service to all its users. In the coming months, Blanyai, as already it has been doing for several years, leverage the months from February to August, both inclusive, to improve the services that previously had been offering and introduce novelties of added value for all its customers. According to its CEO, a. Lopez j., this year we will make special emphasis on our web page.

A tool that so far we had not spin 100% given our lack of time, which will be already improved in the first months of the year 2011. We have noticed its vital importance, being a tool that facilitates purchases, saving time to the customer. As regards updating of the web we will find much more information and up to date, that it will bring the dynamism required in modern times, it is what it intends to achieve with your new Blanyai web, where will expand its product portfolio to more than 5,000 articles and the best of it, will be completely updated and with deadlines for availability around from 24 hours a, maximum72 hours. Laptops, printers, consumables, TVs, laptop cases, motherboards, processors, flash memory, and integration card graphics, mobile, wide range of monitors, speakers, antivirus, sais and terminal blocks, clone computers, multimedia and external hard drives and computers brand HP, ASUS, TOSHIBA, PACKARBELL and a long etcetera. Not only that, but that weekly have decided to send, by e-mail to all its distributors of computer science, a list with these product updates, which will include the manufacturer, the description, reference price with your corresponding canon (in case go applied), as well as a link to a sheet and another to a photo of the product, a luxury for all those web pages that walk righteous time administrators.