February Phase

Several stylists made a selection among all of them. 2Nd phase: face-to-face Castings + election more than 400 candidates to select only 20 boys and 20 girls made in different cities was carried out a process of face-to-face auditions in several cities. However those in Barcelona and Madrid, due to the large number of participants concentrated, highlighted above the rest. While the Catalan city was held on November 19, 2009 in the study of the hairdresser of the firm and the attended 94 candidates; Madrid, took place on December 2, 2009. A total of 325 people attended salon Gran Via 8 collapsing some of the main streets in the capital.

In each one of the castings, a jury made up of stylists, franchisees of the company and own Marco Aldany, chose the most suitable. 20 girls and 20 boys went on to the next phase of the competition: finals online. 3Rd phase: vote online success in social networks a total of 670.750 Marco Aldany votes has proven its strength in the virtual world and the convening power that generates among the public. Success since the beginning of this phase on December 9, 2009 until it has concluded on February 5 (for boys) and 7 may (for the girls), has been absolute. A total of 670.750 votes, 104.677 boys and 566.073 girls were recorded during this time.

Unlike the other stages of the competition, this has been a popular vote online where anyone who enters the website of Marco Aldany could choose the boy and the girl who most liked as image of the Ensign, to advance to the grand final. In that period, MARCO ALDANY has carried out campaigns in different social networks since there is big part of your audience to publicize the contest. THE result has not been other than the absolute correctness. Not only increased traffic of your website, but through your profile and Facebook fan page has conducted polls, which have been matched up to the last moment. This phase contestants they have also leveraged the platform created by Marco Aldany to to publicize and create their own fan pages with links to our website so give him more support. 4Th phase: the grand final only a few poc@s choose @ 3,000 euros for the 6,000 euros for her luck had already been cast.

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