Fossil Fuel Coal

Fossil fuel Coal (coal) Most of the energy used worldwide today comes from fossil fuels. They are used in transportation, to generate electricity, to heat rooms, for cooking, etc.. Fossil fuels are three: oil, coal and natural gas, and were formed millions of years from organic remains of dead plants and animals. For thousands of years of evolution of the planet, the remains of animals that inhabited it at various stages were deposited at the bottom of seas, lakes and other water bodies. There were covered by layer upon layer of sediment. It took millions of years for the chemical reactions of decomposition and the pressure exerted by the weight of these layers transform these organic remains in gas, oil or coal. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources: not replaced by biological processes such as wood.At some point, will end, and it may be a need for millions of years of evolution and decay similar to reappear.