Franchise Through Social Networks

Can the franchise benefit from social networks? Discover how best franchises use this medium to their advantage. In April 2009, the franchiser Michael Blank, after a series of sales by e-mail that had an impact 40 percent gain in one day, he knew he had to do more digital marketing your franchise Zpizza. When he began to study the media, he realized that the use of Twitter and Facebook give you the opportunity to inform their customers about deals and special offers, while it could start talks with them. Michael Chabon does not necessarily agree. So, convinced the company headquarters to move forward with the creation of social networks, and now Zpizza Facebook page has more than 1,700 fans, while the presence in their region has nearly 600 Twitter followers. Although the coupon yield tweeting and exchange offers in Facebook has reached the mark 40 percent had experienced before, white is safe, as people surfing the Internet has a strong presence of Zpizza.

To get to this point, the team worked with mothers of the town, who encouraged them to enter the blog information and opinions about the restaurant stop. Bnank says, “It is an incredibly inexpensive way to advertise to make a solid brand and market yourself,” he continued, “because most social networking sites and blogs are free and highly visited.” A tool for growth is that franchisees seize the advantage of the media that provide social networks, and who happen to be a strong marketing strategy and advertising. Social networks not only announce the existence of the franchise, but also kept up to date with surfers of all the details of the mark. In the next installment of more informed real benefits offered by social networks to the growth of franchises in the virtual world.

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