General Physics

Creation of a detailed teaching guide, which almost becomes a planning (with dates, hours of dedication, scores, teaching materials, etc.), The entire course with the internal links of the content of other disciplines and elements of ICTs that must master to develop the courses. Development of educational materials, plan of proposed activities, monitoring and continuous assessment, final objectives and content volume. Integration with the life project of the students developed by the tutors where are the extracurricular aspects of the discipline, which developed in labor practice in early years and those included in the student scientific work. . We must not forget that transcendent party is for the educational material, this should roughly: Provide quality, size and content appropriate to the draft standards as required by NTIC.

Avoiding duplication, this would lead to increases in volumes of information and lower educational achievement. The use own exclusive material of the courses, textbooks, virtual libraries etc.. The use of outside materials will be avoided where possible, being used in a timely manner as material support or are complementary. Author often addresses the matter in his writings. Avoid excessive developments contained in the classroom or consultations, not to tackle the most important aspects directed towards solving problems. Use problems of the profession and where possible the method of assimilation of knowledge will be the analog which greatly facilitates the acquisition of them. III Physical Design Discipline General. For the structuring of the programs of the discipline and subjects, is necessary for the General Physics is a discipline that is taught over a full course, in this case in the second year running, this facilitates the composition and direct link to other subjects such as: Schedule II and III. You may wish to learn more. If so, Diamond Book Distributors is the place to go.