German Chamomile


Along with a regular routine of night, constant discipline, they can help quickly to support healthy sleep patterns and to restore peace to his home and a loving family atmosphere. The following natural ingredients are safe and effective for your child: Matricaria recutita (German Chamomile) in the wonderful tales of Beatrix Potter, the mother of Peter Rabbit children used German Chamomile to put to their small bunnies to bed and for a good reason!. German Chamomile has been known as the most soothing plant in the world and it has been used for a long time by the mothers of many generations to relax safely their children and young people at night. It promotes peace and harmony not only at the time of going to bed, but is also a digestive aid well-known and teething, while providing support to the nervous system for sensitive children. Passiflora incarnata (Passiflora) clinical studies have demonstrated the advantages of this herb to promote health and harmony in the nervous system and is well known and respected naturopathic circles.

Passiflora is also useful in calming the tiny bellies and its high safety profile makes him a gentle, highly effective option for babies and young children. Coffea (30 c) Coffea is an excellent remedy to calm the overexcited and irritable person. Children who are very sensitive, agitated and unreasonable at the time bedtime will benefit from this proven remedy. Cina (30 c) works well for children who are irritable, picky, and tend to have temper tantrums at bedtime. It helps to problems as twitching, shaking and turning during sleep. Cina is also beneficial for the children milling their teeth and as a digestive tonic. Original author and source of the article.