Global Player Of The Sockets Manufacturers

100prozent made in Germany like german, German manufacturers are really? Name that probably not everyone knows, Busch-Jaeger, Gira, Jung and Merten – these companies here belong to the worldwide market leaders in terms of outlets and switches. It is amazing that any of these manufacturers with a different strategy works. The manufacturer of Gira was founded in 1905 in Wuppertal and produces exclusively “made in Germany”. Already at that time was one of the top manufacturers for toggle switch Gira and could maintain this reputation by consistently good performance in terms of quality. Nevertheless, it is quiet in recent years to the company. New products appear corny and not particularly innovative, the Internet page is maintained only moderately. Still is and remains Gira successfully with light switches and Sockets – and that still international.

What is the reason? Clearly the design. Gira has understood one thing: when building a House it no longer depends on the euro, but the living quality and appearance is high on the list of builders. Busch-Jaeger is another Company on our list. With more than 130 years it among players the oldest global”this industry. in 1969, Busch-Jaeger with the ABB merged group (then BBC group) and produced at various locations such as Spain, Czech Republic, Finland and Asia. Still manages to sell the German image of reliability of Busch-Jaeger. Click for very old pieces are still manufactured spare parts so that you actually buy with Busch-Jaeger for a lifetime. Unfortunately the spirit of innovation at Busch-Jaeger is lost but through the merger.

Who is looking for simple, white Sockets and switch n is right here but for special pieces should you better look around at other manufacturers. Young touts with the made in Germany “award that North was issued in the spring of 2011 by the TuV. The company acts despite the background of traditional, German international and fresh. The company has since its founding in 1912 headquartered in Schalksmuhle and add another seat of the production in Lunen. Much about the image, the company operates as a large family with tradition and German thoroughness a strategy that seems to appear to be. Nevertheless, it is the companies with worldwide offices in Europe and parts of Russia, Africa and Asia to find. “The company Merten was a purely German company earlier, but then merged with the French Schneider Electric” to reach the global market with the products. Merten is best known through the introduction of the surface switch 1972 first company Merten made the large rocker switch. Since this day celebration Merten himself as incredibly innovative with regard to development and design of products. “” Soberly considered has however already pretty dusty the homepage and the last significant innovation “is more than 3 years back as Merten 2007 for the light switch move” was awarded. Of course, manufactures Merten until today some products in Germany, has also probably Productions abroad moved for reasons of cost. What exactly it means for Germany, when more and more companies in foreign countries wander off, is unfortunately painfully aware to us. The labour market is suffering from the continuation of production facilities and the German economy will be permanently damaged. To prevent this problem, everyone should pay what he is buying and where it comes from. Nicole Mank

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