Gomez University

The maximum Gomez University of Ciego de Avila, Centre of higher education, located 9 kilometers of the road from Ciego de avila to Moron, is an institution that from the day in which our brothers were convicted unfairly, are participants in the demand for the release of the five Heroes through different activities that take place in the Centrewhich have resulted in the creation of a Committee Pro release of five Heroes in the University community. It was made on 12 December 2002, the visit to this House of higher studies of the families of these young fighters against terrorism. This Committee is made up of 350 members of the headquarters, where students and Cuban workers, integrated it as well as foreign students from different Nations, mostly Latin Americans, Africans and Caribbeans. Highlights that although the rest of the students and workers are not committed to such a Committee, it does not mean that they are uninterested by this cause, on the contrary, these support the Committee actively participating in any action that is performed, both on campus and beyond, mainly supporting these courageous men, with correspondence with the author. This University was founded on September 18, 1978 starting his teaching activities in the same year, as an integral part of the network of centres of higher education in the country, becoming the number 12 and the third established specialist in the agricultural branch. At age 30 after started their academic activities significant sample and sustained results in multiple spheres of action which constitute object of their actions and aims today, amid a complex century that just starting, to continue to contribute in searching for projects that generate values in generations that the nation puts into their teaching and research facilities. Among the faculties that comprise it are: agricultural sciences, engineering, computing, humanities and social sciences, economics and law, where the cloisters of prestigious professors have been able to guarantee the exit of thousands of professionals. .