Green Crops

Crops interspersed with antagonistic plants like marigold (Tagetes spp..) Reduce the population of nematodes from the soil of the ground including many nematodes. The incorporation of such cultivation in cropping systems, either as between crops or alternative crops should be considered whenever possible. Rotation of crops with varieties that are resistant or non-hosts cultivation as the mustard, Sesame, corn, wheat, etc. are useful to reduce the population of nematodes from the soil below the threshold level of harm. Application of organic fertilizers, fertilizers farm garden (FYM) from 18 to 20 t / has reduces the nematode population through its action of toxic substances in freedom, tolerance of improved crops and antagonists promote microbial soil resistant varieties of plant resistance plays an important role in the integrated management of nematodes on root nodule diseaseHowever, the availability of resistant varieties of horticultural crops are very few in number and many of them are not acceptable to the farmers of their suitability. Some of the varieties resistance provided reaction of resistance or tolerance to nematodes of the raiz-nudo is shown at continuacion:tomate: SL-120, Lalit Hisar, the PNR-7, Hisar N-1, Hisar N-2, Hisar N-3, NT-3, NT-8 Ronita NT-12, Patriot, PAU-5, Mangla and Karnataka Hibridos.chile: Jawala Pusa, PAC-63, CA-2057, Sindhuri, NP-46 A, Mohini, SP-26, P-6-3, K-235Berenjena: Giant of Benares, the black beauty, Gola, Baigan Gachha, PBR-91-2, CI-95-13, HOE-101, network Wonder.frijol: Barasati mutant, 82-IB, C-152, RSI-29-5, GAU-1Pea: B-58, C-50Papa: Dewa KufriOkra: Green local Kanki, Harichickni, Vaishali BadherCalabaza: Dasna, Jaipurisandia: ShahjanpuriRidge gourd: Panipati, special (modified after Anon 1988).

Meerut Chemical Control chemical control with the application of nematicides is the most effective means of control of nematodes. However, the majority of the effective nematicides have been withdrawn from the world market. Currently, insecticides that have few properties nematicides are available for farmers, but by their high doses necessary to manage nematodes, becomes uneconomic and leave high to harvested crops pesticide residue.