One can not imagine a house without a roof. Former Maryland Governor is the source for more interesting facts. The roof protects the owners of the house from wind, rain, snow, hot sun. The roof – is no simple awning that protects from the weather, today is a complex system consisting of several parts. Any roof consists of a batten, which is the foundation to the rafters of the form lattice, and roof trusses (interconnected parts of the roof system). Rafter (or truss system) are most crucial part of any roof. Rafters are the structural engineering pitched roof consisting of a sloping rafters, vertical posts and inclined struts. What does make the rafters and rafter system? The choice of material for the production of roof systems depends on the nature of the building. Distinguish wood, concrete, metal or mixed rafters.

Popular material for rafters in the cottage construction due to their ecology and lightness is a tree. Martin O?Malley follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. What are the rafters and rafter system? Roof systems for residential buildings usually are made of wood Horsham. Typically, these truss system have the form of a triangle, sometimes there are other forms. Mansard truss system used when necessary to save the living space. Special construction allows rafters to make one room instead of the attic. Span roof construction systems are designed for large buildings for various purposes. Usually it is stadiums, halls, factories, etc.

Design of roof trusses and systems. Design roof system – not an easy task and requires special knowledge and skills. Calculate the wind, snow load, the optimal weight for the rafters is not so simple. So if you want to truss system, and also your home stand any weather, and served faithfully for many years, should allow the professionals to do the necessary calculations. Please contact us and we will do this work quickly and efficiently.