Improvisation In Dance


Improvisation in dance – is the ability to move without memorized in the order of movements, without a schema combinations. How can this be achieved? It's easy! How do I learn? The most difficult question. I have a few suggestions. To start buy music player or burn it to a mobile, the music was more often with you, you'll feel better, you start to feel better than her! And somehow try to pass your way from the subway stop to the house or the music, let your step will fall in rhythm, turns to fall into a pause, and jump into the sound. Try to change the music to the player, and every time your path will be interesting, it will be different. Try to change the style and rhythm of the melodies and the way it will be faster, slower, accents will fall into different segments. After these workouts you think that the whole world is dancing, that everything is subject to some kind of rhythm.

That's right, we often meet with at least two beats each day. This is a watch and heart. And each heart and its rhythm, he is always with you. (Perhaps I did before, and danced – not listening to music, but listening to the heart). And as soon as you hear the music, it seems that all the dance: someone who goes ahead, gets into the rhythm of music, the cars slow down to traffic light in an interesting break in your song, funny policeman waved his wand in a beautiful accent, a couple of people have stumbled badly, falling well to replace the rhythm of the composition. One has only to imagine, and you will see a beautiful Dance a lifetime.

And each has his own. The main thing – it found itself. If you all get, try to move all the skills in dancing.