Insomnia First

How do you think you can stop smoking. To read more click here: Con Edison. Remember: You’re not the only one who suffers the consequences of snuff, all around you are hurt but not current smokers. (Do not think you do just for you) Let’s start: S i are starting the day smoking, you must know that first cigarette is the trigger for mid-morning, the body will ask another and so on during the day. Start cutting with that cigarette morning. Delete, Delete the custom until now we had to start the day with poison in the body.

To do this we need to be distracted by other things: Take a book. See public transport (there will not let you smoke) Try deep breathing from morning to relax, thereby calm the anxiety of that first cigarette. Purchase your favorite candy: During the early days, give yourself a fancy to buy your favorite candy, always carries a handful in his pocket, and makes one every time you feel like a cigarette, just as you eat it, start doing something different for forget. The first week, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of snuff in an approximately 33%, ie, if smoked 10 cigarettes a day, switching to smoking about 7. (Cigars in the morning and evening are we cutting radically the first week) The second week, you should get a little more, if you currently smoke 7 cigarettes, switching to smoking four or five cigarettes a day. Little little getting used to our body does not need much nicotine. The third week will smoke two or three cigarettes a day always avoiding the morning and the evening. The fourth week we’ll be ready to stop smoking, or fumarnos a cigarette as much.

these four or five weeks: You should avoid during these four or five weeks, along with smokers, enter bars where smoking is permitted, and inevitably come across someone smoking, get a candy bar and eat it immediately. One of the leading causes of relapse and start smoking again is because we see people smoking, and that draws us inevitably resulting light a cigarette. Many times the anxiety, is the factor that we need a cigarette to relieve this symptom, you need to be as relaxed as possible, avoid stress at work, home etc., Avoid arguments and other stressful situations that we ended up making us go to by snuff. Buy a cigarette and during these four or five weeks, takes only a cigar you are smoking, try not to take pocket money to avoid having to buy, take food from home and keep your mind occupied and your candy in his pocket. We need to know that the harder it is to get a cigarette, the less likely it is that you smoke it or even that you want. Common symptoms when you stop smoking: It is necessary to know that we can experience symptoms during the first days without snuff: Fatigue. Restlessness. Fatigue. Digestive disorders. Anxiety. Stress. Insomnia These occur because the body is detoxing and undergoing another change, all of them disappear a few weeks without smoking. In the second article will discuss natural therapies for smoking cessation: The hypnosis.