International And Domestic Economy

According to the international and domestic economic experience, the original aims and objectives declared almost always do not coincide with what is happening as a result of the actual development. Taking into account the objectives set out in the formation of a zone should meet the relevant requirements and its placement. The most common ones include: a favorable geographical location and accessibility in relation to external and internal markets and the availability of development of transport communications, development of productive capacities, the availability of industrial and social infrastructure; significant reserves and value of natural-resource potential (in the first place – deposits of hydrocarbon raw materials, nonferrous metals, forest resources, etc.). Also note that in Russia to attract foreign investors, possibly through the perspective of the vast domestic market. Various legislative acts of the Russian Federation and its members to create free economic zone declared by almost single goal: to attract investment to build capacities to produce competitive products, the saturation of the domestic market of import-substituting production, creation of export-oriented industries, increase employment; formation of a competitive industrial and business infrastructure. For each specific sez are detailed elaboration of the goals and objectives through targeted development programs. res to achieve this success. For example, ‘The federal target program for development of sez in the Kaliningrad region for 1998 – 2005 years’ aims to achieve the following objectives: to ensure political and defense of Russian interests in the region, strengthening the common economic space of Russia, the development of foreign economic relations of Russia, the economic development of special economic zone and the region as a whole, improving living standards and achieving socio-political stability in the region, provision of economic security area.

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