International Telecommunications Union

The first half of this year 2010, according to the World Internet Usage Population Statistics and other sites that also carry the statistics, we are around 2 billion Internet users with web penetration of the 28.7% in comparison with the world’s population of the Earth, estimated at 6.8 billion inhabitants. Well, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) or in Spanish, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), has revealed that the number of Internet users has doubled to 2,000 million in just five years. Says the ITU this year alone, 226 million people have joined the network usage, of which more than two-thirds come from countries developing, although connections in developed countries are still considerably surpassing those in developing countries, stresses the report. According to the ITU statistics, 71% of inhabitants in Western countries will be connected to the internet before the end of 2010, while that only 21 per cent will be in developing countries. Author shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It happens that this last aspect that emphasizes the report of ITU is vistal for forward or the technological setback of a society. Let’s take a little our environment and Latin America, particularly Central America.

Access via broadband in countries of Central America is still a luxury, while in the majority of cases, the companies that offer the service are transnational or capital from developed countries. Personally obervo very little willingness and nothing of philanthropy in destribuir global wealth, accumulated in specific sectors of telecommunications, toward the underdeveloped populations or developing. In this region are still marketed connections via conventional modem speeds ridiculous ranging between 512 kB and 1 MB with very high rates that started in the $20 to $40 monthly. From this perspective and assuming that transnationals serving in Central America could belong to the UIT or ITU, make a call to this organization to revise these practices mesquinas that hinder the development of our peoples.