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Here is such a “fun phone spoiled . And yet “Funny” were some of the valuation of CRM-solutions. For example, an excerpt from “demo” Scoping Study CRM-making in Russia, “a comprehensive report on the CRM-solution company” Pro-Invest Information Technology “on July 25, 2001, distributed by the Analytical Division of the company Cominfo Consulting:” In fact, the very particular program for crm software is not too expensive. However, since it requires additional training, service, high implementation costs and significant investments in technology, the ultimate cost usually ranges from 8.3 million dollars. Novelist contributes greatly to this topic. In such a sum would cost purchase and implementation of an integrated CRM-solutions or publisher manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the mid-west. But how those costs are allocated, can be viewed on the diagram below. Incidentally, studies famous consulting company eMarketer confirm this statistics. In the opinion of its experts, one dollar invested in crm software to account for 5.2 dollars to the implementation and follow-up support.

“Naturally, the implications of such information” boom “in the press did not find themselves waiting a long time. There were masses of proposals “home CRM-systems at very reasonable prices (starting from $ 300 per seat) and even free versions of CRM-systems (in December 2002, we even support one of these initiatives, one of Moscow developer), there were even proposals to implement the CRM-system with a “normal MSOutlook. “Boom, now not only informative, but also proposals, lasted until the end of 2002, then interest as something of itself” subsided ” Or, rather, moved the stage of “stabilizing” – occasionally appear in the press reviews (depending on the policy of publishing – once a year or two).