Latin American


It is perhaps unnecessary to add that Trilce has become an inescapable reference of contemporary Latin American poetry, the unique creation of a poet of emergency. Although many possible readings of a work where language appears to have dislocated all expectations in style and content, for the purposes of this section shall, in the first place, refer to the words as instruments of exploration and synthesis of a universe that slashing the materials, the immanent. Because it was impossible to symbolize, to assume the representation of the external thing, the world, it seems to appear as an element that replaced to create a verbal body that retracts into itself: the poem. Novelist describes an additional similar source.

Is that the Vallejo’s poetic writing embodies the intimate setting itself up existing home, the place of the waived. And from the rispidez that opposes the language, the author, the demiurge, built in spite of the word, because their writing does not flow or deployed as a harmonious body, but from a deliberate resistance desacralizes forms, beyond the mechanism language, subvert it, in what could be interpreted as a necessary, irrepressible break, not with the formal scaffolding, but with what exists. Then, the floor is installed in the body text as a corrosive, alien, perhaps the world itself in symbolic investment. For more information see this site: Ultra Wellness Center. This process of replacement and installation of a new order can not represent but a search that is to culminate in the construction of a coherent system with its own structure; try, then, to approach, touch at least the sense of it, the possible reason to support it as a unit expressing, communicating.