Life Is Now

Life is now. I registered it to 23 hours 28 minutes in the 5 April 2008 moment that was flying faster than say five. They made 24 degrees, delicious and there was no better company to do this than my broken jeans and my red bandana on the head. On Corrientes Street and a half block from the bird. You may want to visit Michael Chabon to increase your knowledge. Juan B. Justo inhaled and I realized: this is the life I’m not waiting, I’m not hoping to reach or that again isn’t here and I felt such a place from whence came, the streets walked, by the sky covering me, because I chose it before, then, consciously and unconsciously.

As the Friday morning that I realized with incense and mantras account throb of my heart how pushed my body into light taps forward and backward. I do not expect more than pass, I hope no more arising, that is, it is here and is now I have to decide each time, happy as this moment alone in that I hope calm and pleasant company and the wine is cooled in the refrigerator and music expected short and take up the slightest moment for typing. I gave Senillosa another facade, to this street I disfrace of nostalgia and sadness.