Mediterranean Fuel

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And I clarify that obsolescence is a relative and arbitrary concept. Clarifying, said the dairy, we can understand the above statement listing. Once I read that the Chinese had built a railway to carry iron ore from a Mediterranean place in Africa to a port. On the side of the branch had planted trees fast growth. With the wood of these trees would make fuel for locomotives, and they would cut from the ends for that way when they arrived cutting down to a tip, the other trees had grown again. With this example I think is sow sorghum saccharine on the sides where there via or where to rebuild it.

With saccharine sorghum, alcohol would be and then the light railways or ferrobuses, would circulate that ecological fuel to all lights-driven and it would result in some point or several branch, the construction of small distilleries which would elaborated that fuel. This alternative sufficiently studied in academic areas. There is an alternative to the railbus saccharine sorghum-driven: the rural tramway. Thus began the Lacroze tram which ran from where today is the slaughter up to jump. It was a streetcar on horseback that was on the field, until it was replaced by steam locomotives. Because not to think that between Marcos Paz and patricians, circulate a rural tram pulled by horses, heavy-duty powered biotecnologicamente, dragging one or two cars, built with lightweight carbon fiber, plastic type material and aluminum? Isn’t it a viable alternative to the non-existence of the service? Or we are going to continue buying the mirror of colors that things like that slide here imply backwardness? Look to where we went to stop with the! progress! Some years ago I caused some hilarity read in a book of 1934, Colonel Jose Maria Sarobe (one of the Argentine military to more books has written) which proposed bringing Bactrian camels (of two humps) to Patagonia.