Merchandise Management Facilitates Everyday Work

Goods management software PHPW makes transparent the operation! A small entrepreneur wants to create jobs especially quickly with his goods management software, an invoice can write easily and quickly prepare its accounting. The new software PHPW (PHP ERP) the company Optibit GmbH & co. KG from Urspringen is a real support to the operations management. Send invoices in non-editable PDF format directly by E-Mail to the customer, by pressing the advance tax return create no problem with PHPW! Independent as well as smaller companies have usually have the budget to afford an expensive ERP system from the House of SAP or similar. Usually such exceeds the needs of a small company by far. The software PHPW was developed for managing operating from the practice for the practice.

It is equipped with all the features needed a smaller company in everyday work. Eliminates high initial investment and need no elaborate on individual workstations Installations are carried out. PHPW is independent of PC systems, because it runs through the Web browser? Normal 0 21 PHPW open in all directions is a program with interfaces according to (almost) everywhere and, which is a real relief for everyday work. The program can minimize the operational and staff costs and optimise internal operations. It can bring real savings and reduce external accounting costs to a minimum. Whether gewerbetreibender self-employed, Freelancer, entrepreneur or entrepreneurs with few employees, this convenient invoice program is equally suitable for all. With PHPW man has a unique commercial solution to the management of ongoing business in just one program.

Unique because it is the first platform-independent and capable of online operation management system with integrated accounting on the market”, so Andreas Hoffmann of the Optibit. Regardless of PC systems, the user can also on the road or by the customer directly orders online or write bills. The accounting will be MITgefuhrt by the system in the background, derived from all the processes that are already taking place in the company. So can the advance button to create or the BWA and the most important figures are available. This minimizes the cost of tax advisors. Everything that is necessary for business planning, can be viewed at any time at a glance: lots of development power is scheduling with reminders, invoices, customer lists, etc. behind PHPW so and it is continuously working on further improvements. So, PHPW is not only powerful, but also flexible, user friendly and inexpensive. More information about PHPW by Optibit GmbH & co. KG on the Internet at. Optibit GmbH & co. KG, specialized in the development of powerful Web applications represents the Optibit GmbH & co. KG the ideal partner for all companies that work with the Internet. The newly developed platform independent and capable of online software PHPW by Optibit is a unique commercial solution to the management and handling of the ongoing business in just one program. In addition, Optibit provides the virus and spam spam Contact: Optibit GmbH & co. KG Castle Street 19 / In the Castle courtyard 97857 Urspringen / Germany phone 0 93 96/97 01-50 fax 0 93 96/97 01-69 Internet:

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