Modern Tyres – What You Must Know Each Motorist

In the late 40s of last century, mass production of tires – superballonov a width greater than height, and after a while there were tires, the ratio of the height and width of which was already approximately 81%. To date, this percentage decreased to 34%, but these ultra-wide tires are used in the manufacture of sports cars. In the chemical composition of modern tires are up to 12 different components, and more than 20 structural elements, the main ones are the skeleton, as well as protector. The framework supports the necessary cushioning properties of the tire tread and gives directional stability during movement. From the beginning application framework is a structure made of rubber, covered with a cloth on top of flax, which significantly reduced the duration of the operation of automobile tires. After some time, many already well-known company Continental established a code fabric, consisting of shuttle thread. Modern tires are made using modern technologies and quality materials, special rubber compound and the newest of cord positive effect on performance.

Choosing tires with directional tread pattern, remember that they should rotate only in the direction in which the arrow points. Their main disadvantage is inability perebortirovaniya wheel on the wrong side for which it was originally intended. Tires with asymmetrical tread pattern is much more convenient to use, because the installation "chute" is not no problem. By setting your car on winter tires, you are improving its flotation in case of heavy snowfall and icy conditions, but nevertheless, during venting of gas, or braking on icy sections of the roadway, front wheel drive car can expand to 180 degrees, and RWD can go into a skid. Prior to travel are advised to check the pressure in car tires, because too little or too high pressure may lead to increased fuel consumption and accelerated wear. The appearance of hernia protruding cord or yarn are also the harbingers of what tire should be replaced.

In order to avoid problems sometimes inspect tires for integrity, as well as to monitor the pressure. Do not buy used. W. tires because they may not be of good quality, and capable of 'breaking anything "at any time. Buy auto parts only in those places where the sale of tires by the relevant authorities (such as car markets).