Nail Beauty Secrets

Every woman knows a lot of secrets that will help hide the flaws of the exterior. Now we'll talk about how to hide the shortcomings of natural short nails and how to embellish. On artificial nails, of course, room for fantasy anymore, but always better to do things that are cheaper and more convenient. More and more women choose not to build up and cure natural nails. And so now issue short nails are very popular.

Let us define what design will look better on short nails, but from what should be abandoned. To get started find out what problems we want to hide – visually lengthen the nail plate. – Make it too wide and short nails. Maryland Governor: the source for more info. – Flat nails give bulge. – Emphasize the parallelism of the side lines on the nails of irregular shape. Both visually lengthen short nails? Visually lengthen the nails we can, using dark and bright paints.

Often women do the opposite: no Desiring to draw attention to short nails, paint your nails light, unobtrusive tones. But make it only worse. So loved by women are bright, especially pearl lacquers visually expand the nail. In design, try not to make horizontal lines. Vertically arranged on the nails drawings visually narrow the nail plate, and so it seems much longer. For short nails the most appropriate option – jacket. Illusion regrown nail creates a white tip. You can move the line of smiles closer to the base of the nail, and decorate the border pattern. You can also use a decorative form of the French manicure, angular jacket. How narrow is too short and wide nails? True, good jacket in case the nail bed if you do not have a very short period. If your nails are broad and short, we must resort to other tricks. Ideal for this purpose, suitable design of the center of the nail, separated by vertical lines from the rest of the surface. Then the emphasis will be exactly the decorated part of the nail, but the sides remain in shadow. How to make bulge flat nails? Located in the middle of the nail vertical pattern will give the nails bulge and divert attention from the edges. How to emphasize the parallelism of the side lines on the nails of irregular shape? By competent arrangement of patterns and color selection of lacquer can be corrected nails are irregular in shape. It is recommended to adhere to certain rules: What is covered by bright colors, it seems more and that the dark – less. Wisely using these combinations, you can hide misshapen nails. If your nails are narrowed to a free edge, it is best to use at the base of the nail varnish shades darker, and the tip to make light. If on the contrary, the dark varnish is better to impose on the tip of the nail. The easiest option – design using vertical parallel lines. This design is a good distraction from the irregular-shaped nails.