New Environmental Funds

Ecofonds shop in the MAP GREEN gives eco participation should be invested in up to 15 individual funds and direct investments in the field of renewable energy – solar, wind, water – as well as Green Building funds at home and abroad and so-called agrarian (specifically no food speculation, misuse of farmland for biofuels or promotion of monocultures such as timber plantations). The investor participates with only a stake in several different asset classes and thus optimises its risk-return ratio. The environmentally conscious private investors is 2,500 euros (plus 5% premium) participate in this Fund. The Fund offers an early artist Bonus amounting to 6% until September 30, 2012. Ultra Wellness Center often addresses the matter in his writings. The predicted yield expectancy is on average 7.5% p.a., the Fund duration is specified with approx. 10-12 years from the closure of the Fund.

In the funds incurred no increased fees charges. Details can be found by clicking Ultra Wellness Center or emailing the administrator. * * the Ecofonds shop assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information. Binding is alone the brochures and sales literature of the issuers Steiner & company. It is an entrepreneurial participation. The economic success of the investment and hence the success of the investment can not be foreseen with security. Neither the provider nor the Fund management company can therefore assure height and time of grants or guarantee. Economic success depends on several factors, in particular the development of the market. Legal and fiscal framework conditions can change and have an impact on the Fund.

Closed funds are consulting-intensive. The investor enters into a long-term commitment with this entrepreneurial participation. He should include therefore all relevant risks in its investment decision. A detailed description of the risks has been described in an underwriting and sales brochure. The information can be obtained on the website.