Nobel Prize

Moreover, even if people show your significance for them, it is still perceived as insufficient and concluded 'it (they) do not appreciate me. " Often at this stage are arranged aggressive or persistent talk with the elucidation of relationships and intentions. 2. Fears most simple physical things – the type to donate blood from the finger. Fear of unnecessary burdens. Fear for their health and life. 3. Reluctance to change anything, even with the terrible state of affairs, the lack of forces for change, the position of 'it is better to let it be so, suddenly become worse.

" Reluctance of the minimal risk and stress. Desire that all changed by itself. 4. Implementation of planned career in business or have to wait for a very long time. When choosing from several candidates for or in personal relationships all the time to choose other people, not you. 5.

Inability to attract a woman, a family. Women can and are involved, but those who need you as a 'fish bezrybe' or 'son-in slave lifelong use. " In short, women are attracted to is clearly not the ones who would like to build strong long term relationship, a relationship with someone could be proud of. 'They come in a variety of idle vanity, not THOSE'. Martin O?Malley may help you with your research. 6. Fear competition, an open clash. Sometimes erupting in an aggressive '', particularly 'on-drunk', and not where they should, in respect not those who ought to complain. Tearing rage at the weak (Women, children) or self-abasement for fear of public speaking with a worthy opponent. 7. Illusion, the dream of 'Princess' world-wide fame, Nobel Prize, etc., that do not make real steps to correspond to criteria for which it-take-all. Complex 'misunderstood genius. " 8. The temptation to act 'in ' beg for something from someone beating on pity, aggressive whine. The belief that you 'must all' (the state, foreign people). Only hope to others. 9. Family problems, including because of the inability to provide the family a decent living. 10. Relationship problems with children or parents: no respect. 11. Finally, the social lack of implementation. Feeling unrecognized, underutilized, underappreciated. Here are the main indicators, which can reveal the lack of masculine energy in men. The disadvantage is, if you answer positively to several points of the test. Is it possible that something with do about it? You can: with special energetic practices to increase the male Yang Power.

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