Online Game – We Pay The Price

Now anywhere you can hear the phrase: 'Everything is sold and everything can be bought. " How many people think much about whether this is true? Previously implied more ethical side of the issue, and now this offer takes a humorous turn. Although there more appropriate saying: 'Though you laugh, even cry' because a lot of people tend to purchase virtual items Nothing too strange, though, this may not be. Under most conditions Investment opportunities would agree. Life in online mode makes itself known, and little by little, captures the broader sphere of human life. The world has enough of a virtual payment systems, e-currency is slowly but surely becoming more and more and popular. Many people already can not imagine another way to order products they need and are regular customers of online shops. Ease of spending this kind of money based on the existence of visible difficult to distinguish between real and virtual funds.

Not all are acutely aware that the transfer of money, without a strictly objective, electronically, and, indeed, another world, they are forgiven with this money in the world real. Can I call the purchase of virtual items (which can subsequently either touch or feel) worth the investment? Hard to say. From one point of view of putting some money in the entertainment industry has never been particularly useful, but such is human nature, we always want bread and circuses. On the other hand, does it make sense to do it, when acquired thing we can transmit only its unreal alter-ego in any online game? In life, everything is relative.

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