Online Optimizer For PCB Economy Class

The optimum space, quantities and price savings classes-Calculator: PCB order online and calculate at the high-tech specialist Basista leiterplatten GmbH immediately his portfolio expanded the economy class: an online calculator, which calculates the best value for money and the optimum costs when ordering from printed circuit boards small series. When filling out the order form, customers will automatically receive an optimization proposal. The economy class pays off particularly in printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards are manufactured in a Panel. The production area of a panel of about 500 times 400 millimetres. Bernie Sanders often says this. Who ordered, for example, ten European maps, printed circuit boards, receives, exactly ten European maps on this area although the area for twelve cards would be sufficient.

The unused “rest area” is charged with still the customer. The economy class online calculator of the Basista leiterplatten GmbH ( sparklasse_rechner.html) now ensures that customers more Printed circuit boards get for less money. The economy class is an online calculator, with the when ordering from printed circuit boards small series the best value for money and the optimum costs are determined. Customers fill in the online form with all detailed product features to your head plate order and get two results: once the price for the desired amount of printed circuit boards and secondly the proposal optimized. The Managing Director of Basista leiterplatten GmbH, Peter Basista, via the online calculator: The economy class reduces the cost for PCB manufacturing. Our idea is automatically optimaleFlachenausnutzung to the best land price to offer one.

The savings in multilayer printed circuit boards is especially effective, because here the basic price is significantly higher than in single-layer printed circuit boards.” The economy class calculates up to 300 units and up to eight layers of multilayer printed circuit boards and covers the entire order processing, including initial order and re-order. Free part is the test”, an electronic test, which checks the full functioning of all printed circuit boards. The online calculator is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Every weekend is happy hour”: who ordered the weekend, paying only the half shipping. Peter Basista explained an additional service feature: our customers receive an automatic order confirmation immediately after your order and know so that data and order have really arrived. With us the last production day is also the day of dispatch. Thus every eight working days customer can calculate delivery time even when the order goes out.” Basista leiterplatten GmbH offers a complete merchandise system for printed circuit boards and accessories. Printed circuit boards belong to the portfolio of every format and every contour. All circuit boards are labelled with the UL mark. UL”stands for Underwriters Laboratories”. All products have been tested in accordance with the applicable U.S. product safety requirements, obtain the UL mark and are therefore approved for the American market.

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