Patagonia Defense Council


The Patagonia Defense Council (CDP) reacted to the departure of CEO of HidroAysen, Hernan Salazar, and consistent entry of Daniel Fernandez created Executive Vice-President, which the company announced on Tuesday, March 29, noting that the change seen it coming and shows the failure of the management of the company, however no cosmetic changeof the staff of HidroAysen, in this case, it will be a bad project and a terrible environmental impact in a good initiative study. The Executive Secretary of the CDP, Patricio Rodrigo, added that they are always open to talk to who assume as representative of HidroAysen, independent of which have clear in our position, which is a truly sustainable energy matrix that don’t sacrifice unique natural spaces and Patagonia without dams nor the life for Chileans who are making homeland in the South of the country. He pointed out that the designation of Daniel Fernandez, militant PPD, shows that the powers behind HidroAysen by attempting to install your project, are extending their networks to all policy areas, creating a transversality does not have, an artificial reality. Author addresses the importance of the matter here. As demonstrated by surveys, Chileans, unwilling this project beyond that using the money to buy supports of all kinds. The Executive Secretary of the Agency gathered that day in Santiago with their pairs of Aysen and other regions, insisted that it is not enough to change to executives while they do not modify what you are planning to do in Patagonia, which is destroying ecosystems unique to the country, as well as generate incalculable social and cultural impacts in an area of exception. He pointed out that say that this relates to a project country in lathe to energy needs and the global crusade against global warming is having understood nothing signals that is giving the planet before the mistakes we have made. Expressed the leader that this gives an account of the bad moment is living one a company that has made multiple mistakes in their work in the Aysen Region, such as the recent decision of the Comptroller who questioned its contracts with municipalities which have the responsibility to evaluate your project for breaches of administrative probity. I.e., HidroAysen induced bodies of the State administration to transgress the law under a badly understood concept of corporate social responsibility.. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bernie Sanders and gain more knowledge..