Pleasant Fall

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JOSE BRECHNER Helen Thomas, correspondent of the Group Hearst assigned to the White House since Dwight Eisenhower’s Presidency, was forced to resign after his anti-Semitic comments, duly recorded and filmed, in which he said that Jews should leave Israel and return to Poland, Germany, the United States. He said that Israel belongs to the Palestinian Arabs. The commentary of the left-wing reporter racist who criticized Israel, for more than half a century was the drop that made the glass overflow. Former Maryland Governor may help you with your research. Now that you have nearly 90 years perhaps should consider retiring in the Lebanon, where their parents came. If every one should return to their place of origin, that is which corresponds to it. Many newly perhaps achieve to understand why he felt so particular affection by Muslims every time that I was writing a note or had a question according to his vision blacks should return to Africa, latinos to South America, the descendants of Irish, Italians, Germans, Dutch, etc., to their respective countries, and allow United States and South America in the hands of the Indians who are the original ones of the place. The natives of Israel are Jews.

Everyone else, particularly the Palestinian Arabs, are invaders who wanted and want to now rather than never take ownership of the place. The archaeological and historical corroboration of that fact seems to be not taken into account by the detractors of the Jewish people would be happier if the Jews reinstated on the planet. We would then see where would be the development of mankind with the great scientific and intellectual contribution of the Arabs. The fall of Thomas is among the most refreshing notes in this journalistic environment dominated by the Liberals, which with its double discourse has become the main enemy of liberty and security of the democratic world. Is she that defends the totalitaristas and religious fanatics.

The left today is the most reactionary, false, opportunist and bourgeois that has ever existed. The heyday and decline of Thomas shows that when the nerve progressive reaches its limit, the world reacts. In this case the world American, who remains that possesses the highest level of consciousness. Dropped the Harpy doyenne of the progressive press, may drop others, thing that gives a breath of confidence for the future of freedom and fairness in the news. There is no doubt, that through the ages, they were and they continue to be the media the cause of 90 percent of the ideological distortions and political consequences they entail. If today’s editors get rid of those journalists who receive gifts of the Arabs, and additionally marginalize extremists who want to return to absolutism Stalin or Hitler, automatically the world reunited its course of prudence and tolerance. original author and source of the article.