Pokhara Village

After half a year of construction 2010 solemnly opened the new building with four rooms and two toilets. In autumn 2009, the Himalayan help Freiburg e.V. has started together with the circle of friends of Nepal aid to build a new kindergarten with integrated primary school, home tasks and play therapy rooms in the children’s village Bhakunde. After half a year of construction the new building with four rooms and two toilets was inaugurated 2010 of course with the symbolic cutting of the tape. The new kindergarten provides an inspirational new learning environment now 66 children.

The children, who are all characterized by traumatic events and abject poverty combines the fate, get a school and vocational training and be medically supervised. They are recorded in the age between 5 and 7 years in the children’s village. Through 3rd grade, they go in the kindergarten, where two teachers are supervised and taught in the morning and in the evening. Then, they then visit the Shanti Secondary School outside the village of children. The children’s village Bhakunde is located 6 km north of Pokhara and is under German management. Founder and Director, Alexander Schmidt, Chairman of the friends of Nepal aid, there a chance at a better life since 2001 over 100 children. Four children and three guest houses, a health station, a tailor, the library or the adjacent Shree Shante Secondary School impressively show the development of the children’s village. This fact was also recognized this year by the Nepalese Government.

It has classified the project together with the SOS Children’s village in the highest category of social organizations in Nepal. The financing of the projects of the Himalaya help Freiburg e.V. takes place primarily through the sales of an annual calendar, which brings closer to the lives of people in the Himalayan regions, or the beauty of the highest mountains of the Earth with different themes. The current calendar “Himalaya 2011″ motto is a visit to the children’s village Bhakunde”. 12 children of the village tell your life story and from January until December, imagine how it looks where they live.