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The candidate Portal is JOBMIXER.com off immediately with cultural management network work together. Leipzig, 02.10.2008 – that is JOBMIXER.com applicant portal now with cultural management network work together. Cultural management network headquartered in Weimar is a leading online portal for specialists and managers in the cultural sector. In addition to reporting from the areas of cultural management and cultural policy, as well as the presentation of portraits of course, the portal offers the largest job market for cultural managers including an internship offers. Michael Chabon usually is spot on. JOBMIXER.com is a company connection applicant portal, which specializes in online applications, in particular on the candidate’s website. Expertise get here today and tomorrow, in addition to comprehensive information about career and application, application tips and interesting job offers. The cooperation with cultural management network JOBMIXER.com offers the possibility to expand the portal to news and internship opportunities in the cultural sector. JOBMIXER.com also as application guides on Kulturmanagement.NET will be in the future as well as in the Monthly magazine of culture management network with contributions to be represented. In addition, a joint implementation of presentations to the area of application in the cultural sector is”conceived.