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Of course, that if what you look for it is to be happy and for having a pleasant life, this frustration and culpability do not give happiness, you to you the acquittal and for that reason I will share some concepts offered by Byron Katie, author of the Bestsellers Amar which Is and Thousand Names for the Joy that serves to me and to many other people to live one life more peacefully. To broaden your perception, visit IDT Energy. Principle 1: The Secret: You can have what you want. The secret teaches to you how to obtain money, profits, pair, health, to be happy, and that you have when it you have the life that you wish and you are happy. And the reality for me is queel only made of need something who you do not have now to be happy, takes to be unfortunate now to you makes you feel that you need something and to perceive the life from the shortage. It enjoys than you have now: Instead of presionarte to obtain pair enjoys life, with pair or without her, instead of forzarte to obtain money or use perfect, enjoys life money or without him, use enjoys that you have, until you have another one Because when you are focused in which you do not have and which you must have, you are killed and the present moment in the search of a better future Principle 2: The secret: I what is better for me. We create to know what we needed to be happy, that we needed external things, or the approval of the others and we strived much in order to obtain it. And now I ask to you Sometimes it has happened to you that you have obtained what as much you wanted and shortly after already you were looking for another new thing and you have not enjoyed the obtained thing? Memory when I changed myself to a precious floor finishes, it amoblar and was like the dreamed place. I sat down shortly after the change, I began to around see and I realized with surprise that to be in that place made neither the less happier and that my inner state did not depend than surrounded to me? What it is happening is the best thing for my, although our thoughts say the opposite to us and constantly they are looking for a problem the present moment.