Romanian Music

Year Birth of the capital, 1861, and built its architects, who studied in France. That's why it looks like a "little Paris". The city even has an arch, very similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Go to one of the cafe and drank a cup of coffee listen to music the famous Romanian composer Vladimir Cosma. He wrote wonderful music for the French film The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe. " At present, based on this music, you can create a letter saying, which tell us about his impressions from visiting the capital of Romania. And at any time of year, your home, including audio, gladly listen to a story about traveling to Romania, accompanied by music. Board of suitors! Be sure to present to his beautiful bride excursion to the "Gates of kissing – amazing songs sculptor Constantin .

Here annually visited by hundreds of lovers. It is believed that those who have entered into an alliance under the "Gates of Kisses" will live happily ever after, never parted, and never stopped loving each other. Do not want to ignore and the People's House, Parliament House, built under the leadership of the Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu. This palace, in the construction of which was attended by 400 creative people – architects and artists! Ceiling height in it reaches 15 meters and the total area – 330 sq m. Home a gift set of cards "Everything about Bucharest, where there will be photos of the residence of Ceausescu.

With the country due to a lot of amazing stories. One of them flew around the world – is the story of Dracula. "Dracula" is the title of a book written by science fiction B. Stocker of the Romanian box Vlade Tepeshe. People remember it as the worst murderer, tortured hundreds, and thousands of people. Actions of this terrible story is set in the town of Sighisoara, where he was born "Prince of Darkness." You can make a trip to this city and see that he has not changed. It also beat the clock on Bashe height of 64 meters, as in the days of Dracula. In the gift of a "national hero", that's called Tepesha local residents, or rather, the national anti-hero, you can buy pottery, with its images. Legends – legends and natural beauty surprises and impresses even more. The Danube River, which means "fast water", is truly a meeting natural resources, according to UNESCO's decision has the status of the reserve of global importance. It is a paradise not only for humans but for animals. A variety of herbs, flowers, pelicans important, long-legged herons How to give so much beauty, so who is waiting for you at home? Remember the childhood and school assignment for the summer to collect herbarium Then go ahead, carefully collect herbs, all kinds of flowers, trees and branches to dry. Then, buy the album for photographs with a view to Danube and laying out beautifully Herbarium, sign. Get a wonderful and unforgettable gift. For lovers of gastronomy, it is best to bring the Romanian wine, which is considered one of the best in the world, and in addition, an excellent appetizer – Mittee, delicious sausages, plachindu, local cheese, or gyudem masliny.V any case – indeed, it will treat in Romanian! Travel with pleasure and looking for the most amazing gifts! Romania – a good place for it!

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