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* Cleaner cloths and pulley are in constant contact and require monitoring and periodic replacement to ensure proper machine operation. Cleaners paintings have his touch and scrape the fat, to not slide off the canvas with a pulley. * Support rollers are located above and over the lower pulley saw (on the models of ct – 325 ct – 400), or on the bottom retainer, located under the table (on models ct – 360 ct – 460). When the machine is turned on, but does not cut, the gap between the door and the supporting rollers should be 1 mm. * Support rollers are made of high alloy steel and have a very long time operation, but if the rollers do not rotate, or they got bumps and hollows, they must be replaced. For web tension, rotate the adjustment screw clockwise. Adjustment is correct if the adjustment screw rotates easily and produces a further web tension. Stretching canvas is made only with the lid closed bandsaw.

The traction device designed saws ct specifically, in order not to drag the canvas. After snaps canvas is the most far-fetched. Meat and its products are one of the most important foods because they contain almost all necessary for human nutrition. High nutritional value of these products due to their content of a significant amount of animal protein. Increased production of meat products meat industry is achieved not only through the commissioning of new facilities, but also as a result of intensification, mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes to increase the yields of finished products. * Product Range technology allows companies to pick up the equipment for any tasks: from high-performance machines for large meat processing facilities to low-cost technology for small production * We offer a wide range of technological equipment, parts, supplies, technological equipment and accessories for the food processing and food industries.

* List of Services includes a professional solution to any level of complexity: * Catalogue of the proposed equipment covers the full range of technological processing of meat and poultry products, including: killing, trimming, coarse and fine grinding of raw materials, preparation and mixing meat, stuffing and clipping, portion cutting and grinding, and the injection of massaging, heat treatment (cooking, baking, frying products), smoking and drying, cooling, cutting, packaging and labeling of finished products. In addition, the proposed equipment for sanitation and hygiene in processing plants for meat, poultry and fish. In recent years, the Russian food market there is a dynamically growing demand for meat products of domestic manufacturers. One reason for this demand – is a consequence of modernization of existing facilities, introduction of advanced technologies in meat processing according to time requirements. To date, there are many types of equipment for meat processing: band saws, deep fryers, professional meat grinders, mixers, smoke installation, cutters,