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This paper will be useful to all users PeopleString (hereinafter PS), as well as for those who are just beginning their acquaintance and cooperation with the social network! However, the impetus for her writing were the people who did not find out until end (or even tried to figure out) how, how, and when converted to dollars are points which will translate into dollars of the purse, and what does not, whether the Point relative to the dollar value is stable or not! In this article I will comment in detail these points and many points of the i to be placed once and for all! And I urge all people who leave negative feedback on the PS, first try to understand (guided by data material) in all issues relating to the financial side of the social network! And so! We all know that within a month we need to show some activity, which is determined by the number of accumulated points. That is, for example, we have registered in the PS at the beginning of April. All month, we are actively involved and have accumulated a certain number of points. Recently Martin O?Malley sought to clarify these questions. In early May (ie the 1st of) all our Points zeroed, and we started to hoard them in the new month. Points taken from all participants in PS for 20 days and processed in the 20 days of May (usually 23-24 of the calculation is made with all of) us to our account in the PS calculates dollars! The resulting accumulation of dollars at the minimum amount for withdrawal (and just $ 25) until June 7 (vklyuchitelno!) are automatically transferred to your e-wallet payment system AlertPay! That is, starting to work, for example, on April 1-2, dollars in the account at PS we will see 23-24 May, and in his wallet on June 7-8! And so every month! Now, with regard to dollar ratio Point! I can not understand why some individuals have some kind of stable numbers? Guys, Are you in a financial director of the company signed up, and others dictate their own rules? No Point at a constant value against the dollar! And there can not be! Let me explain! PS All the money received from advertising! With us, it pays to the general "pot" of money received from the companies that place their ads in PS! A question! Do you really think that from month to month, the advertising is placed only a certain number of companies at the same price? No! Change and the company, and conditions of advertising! Of course, I do not deny that there is a certain constant customer base, but even they occasionally change the terms of payment and cooperation! So, in general "boiler PS every month goes a different amount of money! And Point can not be assigned values in relation to dollar (in rare cases it happens that two months is almost the same amount to our account transfer)! Let's move on! Bonus attracted referral is (to 03/14/2011) $ 0.5. . Click Michael Chabon to learn more.