Social Networks

Many times our profile on social networks like facebook, Hi5, myspace, badoo does not reflect the best of us, and this can bring us difficulties in linking online. Most importantly is to highlight the best of yourself and be as honest as possible. Here I give you a few tips so you increase your chances of dating girls through the internet. Tip #1: PERSONAL information into personal information, always asked indicate if we are single, married, divorced, etc. If you want to flirt online, it is best not to put anything, so increases the curiosity of the girls. Also must avoid putting I have no partner or unmarried, which ultimately is the same for girls. If you put have no partner the girls begin to think: if he has no partner is for some reason. And they usually think that something weird happens with you, because if you were a normal boy, then it would be logical that you had a couple.

Tip #2: Description on your person in some social networks you they are asking you to write something about you. While shorter your description better. Is it a description of 30 words or less. It is important that you include you’re a fun, winning, and independent person. This will make the girls want to know more about you. The ideal is that you finish your description with something funny and make the girls laugh. Tip #3: Interests, sports, HOBBIES in the interests section, where it usually ask you that type of music, books, movies and television shows do you like, follows the following rule: put 3 things that like you 1 that you like the girls. For example, in television series can put: Greys Anatomy, CSI, Simpsons, Dr.

House. So the girls will think you’re a guy who understands your tastes; because in theory, you should spend much time or surrounded by girls and therefore understand them. Regarding sports, you must show that you are an active person physically and at the same time a social person during your free time. If practice sports, whatever it is, must consist in your profile. As for hobbies, always avoid put worldly things such as reading, playing video games, going to the cinema. Always find put hobbies that are interesting. Tip #4: Photos within your profile, photos are the most important. If you’re not someone who is physically attractive or handsome, best is to put a photo of profile where you will see that you are practicing a sport or with a group of girls. It is best to always put photos where you are performing any activity with your friends, either at parties or social gatherings. There are many guys who themselves taking pictures on the couch of his home, making ridiculous poses. This suggests the girls that perhaps the photos took it his mom and that probably are people without friends and with no success with the girls. It is always better to have a maximum of 7 photos allowing girls to know just a little about your life, so they will want to know more about you. I hope that you put these tips into practice and thus better your profile so you can get that girl that you like so much.

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